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Net4India | Largest Domain Company Of India Closed! What Really Happened?

Net4India was the largest registrar of the domain, but the customers of the registrar are now very upset, as it has been reported recently that this company of Delhi has gone bankrupt and has lost all of its money in the market. Many users of their service complained on the social media platform, Twitter, that no email or phone call is being answered by the company.

However, if you are unaware of this company, we will tell you in detail about the company. It is a domain registrar company with around a hosting count of more than 90,000 websites, 3,75,000 domain registrations, and 1.5 million corporate emails. The website of the company is also not working currently.

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Many people who had taken domains from the website, registered a complaint that their websites are being closed without any prior notice or information. Even the emails registered on Net4India are closing down gradually.

It has also been claimed by the users that the office of the company in Delhi is also shut down. They are not even answering the emails and phone calls. We should not be missing out on the detail that this company is the Gold Partner company of Microsoft.

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Here is a list of some people who took their problem and sadness to Twitter.

Net4India Closed | Know The Reason Behind

The company started as an Internet service provider in the year 1985, but later, it changed the company to a domain registrar company just like GoDaddy. It is the largest domain registrar company of India. It was only through this company; millions of people have booked domains like, .net, and .com.

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Till the year 2011, the company remained profitable. In the year 2013, the State Bank of India declared the company a non-performing asset. This was the time when the company has around 190 crore rupees debt on it. The company incurred a loss of Rs 4.22 crore in the first quarter of the year 2017. after which the company was removed from the list of Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

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Many customers took it to ICANN, Indian Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the body which is responsible for IP and TLD, and top-level domain management. ICANN has said that it is currently talking to the government regarding the responsibility of domain and email registered on Net4India to any other company.

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