Netflix: 10 Best Indian Series And Movies Currently Streaming

Netflix has always been a catalyst in promoting goof TV shows. It has done wonders for the Indian TV scenario and gave us a lot of good content in our very native language. From pioneering shows like Sacred games to varieties like Little Things. Let’s look at 10 best Indian Shows on Netflix right now.

1) Indian Matchmaking



After just being realized, this show has created quite a buzz on the internet. As far as the critical response goes it has a rotten tomato score of 100! It’s a really good show showing the years-long Indian tradition of arranged matchmaking. So give Indian Matchmaking a watch.

2) Sacred Games

The show that made Indian Originals the mainstream thing. It was the first show as far as I can recall that created a buzz all over the nation. Without giving away the plot to much, let me tell you the show has action, comedy, drama, thriller, and mystery aside from being super dark. So, Sacred Games isn’t something you would want to miss out on.


Also, Scared Games 2 has released too! You can watch its trailer below.


3) Leila

Leila is compared with Handmaid’s Tale a lot. On Netflix, It is a similar story about a mother on a quest to find her daughter in a dystopian future. But it’s a great film-making feat and a must-watch.



One of India’s first horror thriller show. Ghoul stars Radhika Apte as an army officer in a distant future where books are banned and the story of a prisoner with a weird past.


5)Delhi Crime

Delhi Crime is a thrilling drama about the Delhi police’s investigation into a terrible crime. Based on real events, the six-part series follows the police as they work to solve a gang rape that left a man and woman severely beaten, and the woman brutally raped and eventually killed.


6)Bard of Blood

Sounds Shakespearean, right! But it’s an amazing story about an Indian Intelligence officer is sent to Pakistani to rescue five such officers captured by the Taliban. Imran Hashmi does a very good job portraying the lead in Bard of Blood.



7) Betaal

How can we not have a Zombie Apocalypse thrown in the mix of this Netflix list? Betaal is an amazing show dealing with the repercussion of a zombie Apocalypse. It is very well directed.



8) Typewriter

It’s a story about three kids in Goa who decides to investigate an old villa to see if there are any ghosts there. It has that Spielberg touch having kids. Typewriter is a must-watch.


9)Selection Day


This sports series follows the lives of two brothers who are raised by their cricket-obsessed father. Selection Day has some really relatable and fun moments that make it worth the watch!


10)Netflix: Little Things


The story revolves around a couple in their late 20’s. They both are in a live-in relationship. They go to work and come back to love each other. Throughout the series, you can see the regular problems that they face and how they overcome it or fight with each other. Overall, Little Things is a basic and good series for a lazy day.


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