Netflix And Creator Of The Hit Show Outer Bank Sued Over Copyright Infringement

If you are the biggest fan of the great project of Outer Banks, then I have some pinch of bad news to be shared with you. Outer Banks has got subjected to copyright issue and now what will be the jurisdiction of law regarding this copyright is yet to be known. If you wish to know the complete updates regarding this matter, then do follow this article.

American Outer Banks is a leading television series that is being crafted by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke. The series emphasizes the story of three best friends who are cherishing their teenage life happily gets into the mysterious journey when they decide to find out the events linked with their father who is missing from that place.

Allegations On Outer Banks For its Copyright Issues

Recently, United States resident, the English Teacher and author has filed the case against Netflix’s Outer Banks regarding its copyright violation. The Copywrite issue is being raised by Kevin Wooten. He serves to be an author of the 2016 novel “Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure.” According to the author, all the plots of Outer Banks is copied from the book or novel that is being written by the United States author.

According to the author, all the plots, scenes and the themes are derived from the same novel from where the author has raised the allegations for copywriting issue. Now the matter is getting heated up with the starting of every new day. The author claims that he has already launched his novel before the release of Outer Banks. Now the author is claiming the punishment for paying the losses that he has suffered and also to pay royalties for copying his novel.

We are waiting for the reply of show creators and Netflix for this illegal happenings. We will soon update a new article carrying all the information related to this very matter.

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