Netflix Kissing Game: Know The Cast Better.

Kissing Game‘ or ‘Boca a Boca‘, is a Brazilian drama web television series which is streaming on Netflix. It is about a high school going teenage group getting affected by a contagious kissing disease. The families panic when teens contract a mysterious “kissing disease” that quickly spreads.

Kissing Game: Know the Cast Better

Caio Horowicz as Alex

Caio is a Brazilian actor who started his career with ‘Família Imperia’ in 2012. However, he is well-known for his role in ‘Califórnia’. Along with this, he has also starred in romantic drama ‘Music for Bleeding Hearts’ and biography drama ‘Hebe: The Brazilian Star’.

Kissing Game Cast
Source: Netflix

Michel Joelsas as Chico

Michel is a Brazilian actor who started working at an early age of 10. He also played sports like handball, boxing, football, and swimming. Apart from being an actor, he has a desire to become a cinematographer.

Some of his famous works include roles in ‘The Year My Parents Went on Vacation’ and ‘Ópera do Mallandro’. In addition to it, his renowned performances include ‘The Second Mother’, ‘Rotas do Ódio’, and ‘Ardentia’.

Iza Moreira as Fran

The third main character of the cast is Iza Moreira, who is part of Ford Models Brazil. This show marks her Television debut. While there is not much on the actress on IMDB, it seems she has a blooming modeling career.

Some other characters

A Scene from Kissing Game
Source: Netflix

Luana Nastas as Isabel
She was the first Modelo High student to get sick in the story. She portrayed the character of Beatriz in ‘Vazante’.

Denise Fraga as Guiomar
She plays the principal of Modelo High. She is a Brazilian actress known for working in ‘Por Trás do Pano’ and ‘Hoje’.

Esther Tinman as Manu
Playing a Modelo High student making her TV debut with this show.

Flávio Tolezani as Thomas
A Brazilian actor playing a Modelo High Employee. Also, he is known for his performance in ‘The Other Side Of Paradise’ and ‘The Good Side of Life’.

Thus, Kissing Game season 1 doesn’t have one definitive mainstream star in the main cast, but rather a collection of up-and-coming performers and artists. They are highly-accomplished performers who are well-known in their native countries.

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