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Netflix: Two Long-Awaited Sitcoms Cancelled!

Netflix has canceled family sitcoms Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love and The Big Show Show. The streaming giant has opted out and will not go for the sitcoms’ second season. Netflix did not renew the sitcoms. They will still have one more episode. Here’s everything you need to know about the sitcoms!

Special Episode On Netflix!

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love and The Big Show Show is cancelled and won’t be renewed for the second season. Netflix will still feature one more episode of each sitcom. The streaming giant had commissioned special Christmas episodes of both comedies. Both the show will have one more special episode. This episode will air in December.

Do note that these episodes are not series’ finales. These are just stand-alone special episodes. These episodes were filmed before the pandemic and will not continue the storyline in any way.

Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love
Source: Netflix

Netflix will air Ashley Garcia and The Big Show Show’s already produced episodes for the time being. The shows’ multi-camera comedy was highly dependent on the show’s cast chemistry. This genre is not suitable to the Netflix model. It is more suitable for the pilot. Straight-to-series orders are Netflix’s model.

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All About the Sitcoms!

Josh Bycel and Jason Berger created The Big Show Show. It was a family sitcom starring the famous WWE wrestler Big Show. He played a father’s role in the sitcom. His life revolved around his three daughters. The show premiered in April this year. Berger revealed that new that show has been cancelled and there will be no season two.

The Big Show Show
Source: Netflix

Check out his Tweet below!

Seth Kurland & Mario Lopez created Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love. The show revolved around a prodigy named Ashley Garcia. She is the “only 15-and-a-half-year-old robotics engineer and rocket scientist” in the world.

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Ashley moves in with her Uncle Victor from the other side of the country. She wants to realize her dreams and grab the chance of working at NASA. The sitcom aired for 14 episodes. The first one landed in February and the second one followed in July.

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Ashley Garcia: Genius in Love
Source: Netflix

Fans were eagerly waiting for the sitcoms. Unfortunately, Netflix cancelled the series. The series can come back if some other streamer adopts it, buts its highly unlikely.

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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