Netflix: What’s The New Shuffle Button?

Have you ever been confused about what to watch next on the online streaming platform, Netflix? Well, we all have gone through this, it wastes much of our time, and we end up either watching the previously watched show again, or asking friends what to watch next on Netflix. For all of us who struggle to find out the best choice from the numerous shows available, Netflix has launched a new shuffle button. The Netflix shuffle button is a feature that is currently in its testing period.

Netflix Shuffle Button
Image Source – Netflix

This feature will make sure to play the content the platform thinks you will probably like the most, which is obviously based on your watch history and search list. The button is labeled as Shuffle Play, and is placed right on the home screen of Netflix, beneath the user profile icon. The company says that the suggested result could be anything based on what you have watched earlier or what you may have added to your watch list to view in the future.

Netflix Shuffle Button | Helping or Confusing?

Some of the users found it helpful and fun, shuffling the content on the platform, while some of the users seemed to be a bit confused while using the feature. The idea behind the function is to help the users find the content that matches their taste.

Netflix Shuffle Button
Image Source – Netflix

Netflix’s primary focus is to make the users feel like they are using a traditional television in which whichever channel they tune in to, something is already playing, and you can start watching that show from that point only. This Netflix Shuffle Button is+ the latest among the list of all the tests the platform has done till now to engage the users and help them ease with the content.

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