Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Renewed! Release Date And Story

After another rousing successful anime for the streaming giant, the fans wished for different seasons of Blood of Zeus. Well, the streaming service gods have blessed us, as the streaming service has ordered two additional seasons of Blood of Zeus. 

Blood of Zeus is a Netflix Original animation series that is created by Charley and Vlas Parlapanides. The production studio that is behind the anime is Powerhouse Animation Studios, and it is also behind other successful original series such as Castlevania and Seis Manos.

It did not take long for the fates to make a decision of the future of Blood of Zeus! Netflix has recently renewed the series for a second and third season!

Blood of Zeus
Image Source – Netflix

In under a week, the anime series made it into dozens of top ten lists worldwide on Netflix. Blood of Zeus, in particular, has made it to third in the US full ten list.

After an incredible climactic final to Blood of Zeus, we were left with plenty to ponder going into season two.

Hades has allowed Seraphim to serve him to avoid his horrible fate of living in the Underworld, but it requires Seraphim to kneel. Hades is a dangerous and ambitious god, and with Seraphim as his pawn, it only spells trouble for Heron and Olympus’s other gods.

Netflix’s Blood Of Zeus Season 2 Renewed! Release Date And Story

Seraphim is ambitious and arrogant, and while he will have no choice but to serve Hades, he will be seeking a way to twist his fate and remove himself from Hades’ grasp.

In the climactic battle between the giants and gods, Zeus sacrificed himself to save Hera from the giants’ wrath. Now, with Zeus gone in the series the gods of Olympus are without a ruler.

Heron utilized the same powers as Zeus in his battle with Seraphim, to defeat his brother. With Zeus’s ascension to Mount Olympus, and with Zeus’s ability to command, we could see other gods turn to Heron to become their new leader.

Blood of Zeus
Image Source – Netflix

Animation projects take a very long time to produce, and this series is no exception. We first heard of the announcement of the new series in the month of March 2019, and it took further 17 months before we witnessed the anime arrive on Netflix.

It is unclear how long it would take for Season 2 as we do not know if it would feature the same number of episodes. 

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