Netflix’s You Season 3 Faces Major Cast Reshuffle! 2021 Expects Arrival

Netflix series titled You have decided to return to filming You Season 3 with some new members of the cast, but when will it be back on the online streaming service providing giant? Well, it will all be discussed here.

You, starring Penn Badgley, are the thriller series that we can not get enough of, so we heard season three of the series coming back to the stages of production.

We had to surf the internet for more information about what to expect from the Netflix show’s return. Since season one and season two had release dates in the month of December of the year 2018 and 2019, the third series was likely scheduled to return in the year 2020 at a similar time.

You Season 3 | Penn Badgley
Image Source – Netflix

However, the pandemic resulted in a series filming being paused for months, so season 3 of the series is more likely to be released later in the year 2021, possibly near springtime.

You aired on Lifetime for the first time in the month of September of the year 2018, before it was picked up by the streaming platform Netflix and given an even wider audience.

With season two coming to an end, we know that Penn Badgeley, who plays the role of Joe, and Victoria Pedretti, who stars as Love Quinn, will be back in season three.

Netflix’s You Season 3 Faces Major Cast Reshuffle! 2021 Expects Arrival

Season two ended with a deadly couple moving in together after killing almost everyone who had crossed their paths, including the comedian Henderson, landlord Delilah, Joe’s ex-Candace, and Love’s brother Forty.

But there will also be some fresh faces; Shalita Grant, who will play Sherry, a ‘mom-influencer,’ and Travis Van Winkle, who will play the role of wealthy Cary, who will welcome Joe into his circle.

When the last episode ended with Joe looking through his fence at his new neighbor, the fans of the series are now eager to know who the woman is in the garden next door, something that has a lot of theories in itself.

You Season 3 Poster
Image Source – Netflix

While many have predicted that Joe’s ex Beck might come back, though he killed her in season one of the series, it seems likely that he will start obsessing a brand-new victim.

Well, we will be updating you as soon as any other change gets updated in the upcoming series. Till then, make sure to visit this website regularly so that you do not miss out on any information or latest detail.

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