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Never Have I Ever: All The Reasons Why It Is Amazing

‘Never Have I Ever’ is an American comedy-drama television series released on Netflix. It is created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher and has received positive reviews worldwide. Read on to find out more about its awesomeness and all the reasons you should be binging this show.

Never Have I Ever: Plot

The female protagonist of the series is Devi Vishwakumar played by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. She lives in California with her mom Nalini, and her cousin sister Kamala. The series portrays how she struggles to normalize her life after the death of her father.
Let’s look at some of the reasons why this series is refreshing and appealing.

‘Never Have I Ever’ on Netflix
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1. Breaking South Asian Stereotypes

Although the series showcases Devi checking in with a therapist, we all know a fact. Considering how mental health is treated in many South Asian families it’s a bit hard to digest. This comedy-drama series forpasses considering Mental Health a taboo and treats it as a normal thing.

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2. Devi’s character

Devi’s character is an archetype of the saying “no one is perfect”. Firstly, she has issues with getting in terms of her mother. Secondly, she is rebellious and quite annoying at times. Also, these foibles make us relate more to the genuineness of the character. Her trials and tribulations in love and friendship are also the major attraction of the show.

Devi with her Friends in ‘Never Have I Ever’
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3. Mother-Daughter Lovestory

To begin with, their relationship is like a rollercoaster but quite content in itself. Nalini, her mother is truly fantastic. Her relationship with Devi is a complicated mixture of overprotective and loving in the beginning. While the core remains loving as Devi fails to deal with her own grief, Nalini follows to be kind. Also, their failure to communicate causes their love to be shadowed by the exhaustion of having lost a loved one.

4. Never Have I Ever got so RELATABLE?

Watching Devi’s imperfections, yet striving to get an amazing sophomore is what makes it appealing. We all have our own struggle stories, but to deal with it and to still have future fantasies is what the show teaches us. The series captures how we should confess who we really are and embrace it with poise and dignity.

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In conclusion, I would say this series has a perfect amount of teenage angst and epic friendships. Moreover, it has strong characters and amazing cultural diversity. Netflix has announced a sequel to ‘Never Have I Ever’. We can not do anything but wait for the delight to be served.

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