New OnePlus TV Update: Kids mode, Storage Expansion And More!

OnePlus TV series are now unveiling all new amazing features to enhance the TV experience at another level. Firstly, the new system update in OnePlus TV Q series is named as ‘OTA 5’. This feature will bring new picture modes which will enhance the clarity of the picture. Secondly, there will also be a ‘Kids Mode’ which will parents to adjust the needs of TV as per them for their children. Additionally, for better data optimization the Data Saver mode is also included.

If your TV does not show the new update, then do not worry at all. One Plus told that they are rolling out the update to limited users first to get feedback and then they will proceed accordingly.

All New Features Details Here!

An I PQ‘ and ‘Eyes Protection‘ are the two new picture modes in the new OnePlus TV update. AI PQ mode will set everything to ‘Auto’ except for backlight management. Eyes Protection mode brings protection from low backlight value. In this mode, there are fine-tuning adjustments in terms of color, gamma, and sharpness, all keeping in mind to reduce eye strain. This mode can also be called ‘Night Mode’.

OnePlus TV

Kids Mode will allow the parent to create a separate profile for their children. This will give the parent the power to control what they want their kids to watch. They can restrict adult content, violent games, and many such things. They can put a lock on a few apps, limit usage time, and much more!

The new ‘Data Saver Plus‘ mode introduces bandwidth control, data usage alerts, and monthly usage monitoring.

The new built-in video player now allows you to choose between ‘resume playback’ or ‘play from the beginning’, if you return to a video that you left midway. The improvised subtitles section now showcases the languages of the available subtitles before you hit play.

When you are binge-watching a TV show, now you can also pull up more videos from the same folder.

Last but not the least, the new ‘Format Storage‘ feature now allows OnePlus TV users to plug in an external drive to increase available space for apps and video files.

iPhone and iPad are now supported on OnePlus Connect, while TV Shared Album supports the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. And lastly, the Amazon Prime Video app will pick up where you left off, solving a major UX issue that plagues its performance on Android TV elsewhere.

Stay tuned with us for all the tech-related updates!

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