Next Villain in Wonder Woman movie, Cheetah, what we know about her.

In Patty Jenkins’s upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film, Kristen Wiig’s appearance has emerged for the role ‘Cheetah‘. She would be playing as Barbara Ann Minerva, aka ‘Cheetah‘.

Kristen Wiig as villiain in Wonder women 1984.

About Movie:

Not much has been known about this topic, altho posters and trailers and promotional videos are out there. The story will take place in the 80’s Cold War between U.S. and Soviet Union, where Wonder Woman’s love Steve Trevor will return, which is played by Chris Pine. The movie was about to release November 2019 but has been delayed in June 2020 as the release date is coming close Warner Bros. is participating in marketing.

In the trailer, we can see Wiig as a civilian, after which fans were disappointed for no clue, but later the poster was released in her Cheetah avatar. But the officials are holding back for the fans.

About Character:

The Cheetah was created by William Moulton Marson. Barbara suffered from abnormal emotions such as jealousy and “less actively developed woman” (emotionally misaligned) who need reform by love leader Wonder Woman. Cheetah was ranked #69 in IGN’s greatest comic book villain.

Cheetah and Wonder Woman.

Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva is a British archeologist born in a large ancient family from Nottinghamshire. As she was an archeologist, she got out on a search for her work in Africa, where she got into a tribe that has a guardian comprising powers of Cheetah. Band of marauders raids the tribe and kills the guardians. Barbara takes the place of the guardian and getting skills from the priest, Chuma, caretaker of ancient plant god Urkartaga, gaining immortality.

 She consists of enhanced strength and speed of Cheetah, also a good smell and hearing ability, and has night vision and stealth. As for the physical battle, she is superior in gymnastic and parkour; with her reflexes and powers in claws and fangs, she is hard to beat.

Her superpowers are active only at a full moon, but by chemically enhancing her body, she can be transformed at her will.

Looking at this, we can say that Warner Bros., this movie will be an action pack and will be great to watch.

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