In the pages of their new memoir, Incomparable, Nikki and Brie Bella, are more vulnerable than ever. They are discussing their sexual assaults as teens, their difficult childhood with a drug-addicted father, and also their rise to fame in the WWE.

The 36-year-old celebrity twins joined DailyMailTV for an exclusive conversation. There, they opened up about revisiting some of their hardest times in the process of penning down the book. Later, they also share the unique experience of being pregnant at the same time during the quarantine.

Also, in the interview, Nikki clears all the rumors about her and John Cena‘s lousy breakup. She says that they will ‘always have that love for each other.’

The name of their new memoir, Incomparable, was named after the constant comparisons that Brie and Nikki have faced their entire life. They have always faced the heat as twins. They say that despite their similarities, they are still different people.

The Bella Twins

The Bella Twins
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Brie says, ‘We’ve been compared our whole lives. Even though we do everything together, whether it’s business or, you know, tag partners in the ring, the one thing is, is our stories are different.’

Brie adds, ‘We’re individuals, and our different stories is what makes both strong women.’

Nikki says, ‘We want our readers to know that the minute they close that book that they are taking something with them.’

She explains, ‘Whether it was empowerment, bravery, courage; we truly want them to put on this invisible cape and become heroes of their own stories and know that you no longer have to be victims. You can be survivors just like us.’

For the first time, Nikki opens up publicly in the book about being raped more than once as a teenager. Also, sister Brie reveals that she had been stalked and sexually assaulted.


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Nikki also gushes, ‘Having Artem as a fiance; I never knew what an incredible chef and baker he truly was during quarantine. My thighs aren’t grateful for it, but my body is and my baby.’

She adds, ‘Any craving we have, we get it homemade. What’s crazy about all of this is that Brie and I have the same cravings: baked goods like chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, banana bread, banana bread with chocolate chips, and pizza.’

For Nikki, Artem is whipping up all of these delicacies from scratch. And, her sister Brie is right next door with her husband, WWE star Daniel Bryan and daughter Birdie.


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Due a week apart, Brie is waiting until delivery to learn her baby’s gender while Nikki will do a gender reveal in the season finale of Total Bellas.

For now, the Bella twins’ book, Incomparable, is out. Also, the season five of Total Bellas is currently airing Thursday nights on E!

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