No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10: Juzo And Seven’s Brutal Battle Begins! 

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10 is just around the corner and fans are very excited about this episode. The second season is just about to conclude and it’s getting more exciting with every episode. Every episode ends on a cliff-hanger and keeps us thinking for the entire week. Only 2 more episodes are left for the season to conclude and there are many questions yet to be answered. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10: Release Date

The anime’s upcoming episode is all set to land on September 11, 2020. As we know, a new episode is released every Friday. This post has many spoilers so proceed with caution.

Fans can watch all the anime’s latest episodes on Crunchyroll. It airs the anime in its original Japanese language with English subtitles.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10
Source: Crunchyroll

Previously on the anime

In the anime’s previous episode, we saw Tetsuro uses Harmony to defy all the limits. This makes his extensions reach a whole another level and he almost defeated Wachowski. Unfortunately, when he attacking Wachowski, one of the Wachowski cables penetrated Tetsuro’s body and hurts him badly.

Tetsuro does not let his anger get the better of him. Even though he had every chance, he walks away and does not kill Wachowski. However, a few moments later someone comes and kills Wachowski!

On the other hand, Kunugi shoots his needles and tries to assist Spitzbergen fighter Shimazu. His attacks prove to be fruitful and helps her increase her power.

Juzo quickly stars swallowing several cigarettes to recover his nervous system damaged by Kunugi’s needles. With this technique, Juzo gets fully recovered and gets ready to fight again. After recovering, he manages to defeat Shimazu.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10
Source: Crunchyroll

Kunugi’s Revelation!

Kunugi announces after his defeat that Cunningham was the one sponsoring him since all these times. Additionally, he says that Berühren has previously funded Spitzbergen so that they can instill fear through terrorism. This will help Berühren gets all of its extension technology sanctioned.

Shimazu gets furious after hearing this and he attacks Kunugi. Pepper comes in the way to save Kunugi and a few moments later, Seven arrives. Seven brings Wachowski’s head with him and he waits for Pepper to prompt him to attack Juzo.

No Guns Life Season 2 Episode 10
Source: Crunchyroll

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Juzo realizes that he’ll need his best version to survive so he unleashes his restricted combat program and fights back. Pepper, however, is very smart and finds a way around. He takes Seven’s limiter to control Juzo. With this, Juzo and Seven’s brutal battle begins! Meanwhile, Kronen von Wolf intercepts Kunugi. The next episode will tell us what happens now!

We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!




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