Noblesse Episode 7: What Will Raziel Do Next?

Noblesse is an anime adaptation based on the Noblesse Manhwa, produced by Japanese anime studio Production I.G.  The series premiered on October 7, 2020. And, has aired a total of 6 episodes till now. The series hit off pretty well with its first episode. And, within a short span of time, managed to gather a fan base of its own. The series has started to mold its name in the top animes of the dark fantasy genre.

The series not only has a pretty interesting storyline, but also pretty intriguing characters. And, as every episode goes by, the characters get more interesting and the story gets more detailed. Fans all around the globe are going crazy over the white-haired vampire siblings. Now we’ll have to wait and see if Noblesse keeps up with its performance and get better with every episode.

So, with all said, let’s talk about the release date of Episode 7. Make sure to check out the Official Streaming Platform for the anime. Also, while you’re at it, you can go through the summary of Episode 6. And, we’ve also mentioned the official plot of the anime.


Release Date

Noblesse Episode 7 will be released on Wednesday, 18 November 2020, at 10:00 PM JST. The Episode is titled “That Girl On My Mind is an Aristocrat / Unforgettable”. Note that, the new episode of this anime will be out every Wednesday.

Also, make sure to check out the preview of Episode 7 here.

Summary of Noblesse Episode 6

The battles between Frankenstein and Takeo and Seira and Hammer are intensifying. Takeo and Tao, who didn’t want to involve Tashiro and Kase, struggle. While, the leader, Kranz, carries out a terribly cruel plan to win. Meanwhile, Raizel arrives at the place where M-21 and others are being held, with overwhelming power.

Streaming Platform for Noblesse

You can watch the previous, as well as all the upcoming episodes of Noblesse on Crunchyroll. They are available with their original Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Source: Crunchyroll

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Noblesse Plot

Noblesse is about a powerful noble – Cadis Etrama Di Raizel (referred to as Rai) – who has been asleep for 820 years with no knowledge of mankind’s advancement and scientific successes. At the start of the anime, Rai wakes up in an abandoned building in South Korea and starts to get used to the modern world.

He goes to a school, where he reunites with his loyal servant Frankenstein. With Frankenstein’s help, Rai enrolls in high school and inadvertently befriends athletic teenager Shinwoo, computer geek Ikhan, and Shinwoo’s crush Yuna, and a few others. Noblesse follows the group’s often dangerous adventures against a secret organization while uncovering Rai’s past.

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