Nobody Knows I’m here: Here’s what the ending means.

Nobody Knows I’m Here is a Gaspar Antillo directed Spanish drama movie. It is Netflix’s 1st Chilean original movie.

The film was released globally on Netflix on June 24, 2020.

The movie accompanies Memo Garrido, a child artist in the early 90s who is forced to face reality following the withdrawal of a friend.

Nobody Knows I’m Here
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The movie revolves around the character of Memo: a man living an isolated life on an island, interacting only with his uncle, who stays with him. He is a significant singer. However, as a child, another more enticing boy named Angelo Casas was made to be the “face” and “body” of his song due to his (Memo’s) weight.

Cast Of The Movie:

  • Jorge Garcia as Memo Garrido
  • Luis Gnecco as Braulio Garrido
  • Alejandro Goic as Jacinto Garrido
  • Millaray Lobos as Marta
Nobody Knows I’m Here
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Nobody Knows I’m Here Ending, Explained:

Some viewers would have wondered what the ending of Nobody Knows I’m Here denotes. Well, the film uses a handful of surreal scenes to paint a compelling character-driven story. The final point proves to be a perfect ending that completes the Memo’s tale in a rather quick manner.

Memo always wanted to serenade a crowd. A red light would shine on him at home, a view that wasn’t real but a creation of his imagination. The red light is a representation of his great desire. The film displays the journey of Memo, whose talent never spot the light of day due to competition and his weight.

During his childhood, Memo had pushed Casas off stage. This incident made Casas hop in a wheelchair. The public hates him for this action. They are unaware that it is Memo behind the voice of Casas. Memo’s father abandoned him, and he turns into a bit awkward person in his personal life. His awkwardness is an outcome of his low self- esteem. Initially, he was told that with his body and face, nothing would ever sell.

Memo suffered in solidarity for the longest time. But the ending shows him being protected by Martita. He finally is at the receiving end of love and acceptance, which every person should have in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether everyone knows the harsh truth of his life as long as just one person does.

Knowing human nature, it seems as though everyone wants fame and recognition. But Memo proves to be different. He just wanted validation and acceptance. When he sings Nobody Knows I’m Here towards the end, the chances that the show was off-air during its break are high. But that isn’t what we need to take away from the incident, but the jump in step post his performance is what makes the cake. The red light has been one persistent in Memo’s journey, finally shows its true self. It was Memo’s need for acceptance.

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