Noragami Season 3: Renewal and Storyline Update

Noragami Renewed for Season 3?

Hey, ya fellas! Doing good? Everything is so boring around in this quarantine apart from good food and a little bit of family time. So, let’s do something interesting, let’s talk about the show that is loved by all, “Noragami”. It has garnered much love and gained a lot of fame around the globe in a very short span of time. Since 2015 Noragami Aragoto has been the most loved anime all over the world.

Noragami Season 3: Renewal Status of most-streamed anime of 2015 (Image: pop culture times

Noragami Season 2 left its viewers puzzled with various questions regarding Yato’s past, his family and relationship. Viewers of the show are longing for the third season of the show as they want all their questions to be answered.

Is Noragami Season 3 Coming Out?

Its been quite some time for the fans asking about the season 3 renewal but there hasn’t been any official statement from the makers or officials of the show. There isn’t any update regarding the show getting renewed for the last five years.

Journey Of Noragami Anime Series: Story So Far

It is a video graphical recreation of manga anime Noragami by Adachitoka. The series focuses on a dreamy urban society set up in the world of creators like gods and magicians.

Friendship: Heart Relation, Extended Family. (Image: The tribune voice)


The show depicts the features of Japanese society in an era of gods and magicians. It even gives a detailed analysis and describes various layers of Japanese beliefs and Japanese god. The show “Noragami” is directed by Kotaro Tamura and produced by Bones Studios. The first season was aired back in 2013 and it got popular and soon season 2 of the show was telecasted. For those who want to stream the show can do so on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

Plot Of The Show

Noragami is a story of a mysterious guy Yato and his pals. The story starts with Yato, the main lead, being saved by Hiyori Iki from a road mishap. Apart from the two, there is a girl Yukine who is Yato’s, new pal. The story then moves around the three going on trips and adventures in search of answers regarding there family and past.

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