Now You See Me 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything you need to know

Now You See Me is a glossy thriller series. The story is about a team of magicians. They are called the Four Horsemen. In the series, they used to pull heists with their daring self. Now, the opportunity to stop them lies on the shoulder of an FBI agent.

The audience appreciated the movie because of it’s thriller and mystery. The film also had a great cast that made the audience drool over the work.

With successful completion of previous parts, now fans are awaiting Now You See Me 3. Here is everything you need to know about Now You See Me3.

Now You See Me 3
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Release date

There hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the release date of Now You See Me 3. The fans have to surely wait until they see their favorite movie up on the screens.

The Now You See Me3 is still in it’s working phase and needs furnishing. The production, shooting, and everything has shifted to later stages because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

There is no news regarding when the shooting is going to start. Therefore, you can’t expect Now You See Me3 anytime soon.

Now You See Me 3 Everything you need to know. 

It’s tough to keep the audience glued and waiting for the sequel of a movie. With the passing of already two parts of Now, You See Me; now, the team has to worry about making the plot more interesting for the audience.

As the movie was based on magicians’ life, it was charming and fascinating for the first two-part audience. Now You See Me 3 holds a lot of great revelations for the audience.

The plot is going to be engaging with heists and magician’s charms. There is more to Now You See Me3 that you can’t miss out on.


Though there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding Now’s cast, You See Me three but some faces are expected to return.

This includes Jesse Eisenberg as Atlas, Dave Franco as Jack, Woody Harrelson as Merritt, Morgan Freeman as Thadeus Bradley, and Lizzy Caplan as Lula. There can be new additions to the cast, too, as of which is still unknown.

Now You See Me 3
Image Source – Republic

This was everything that we had to tell you about the third part of the very intriguing franchise. Stay tuned to our website till we get more information regarding the third part for you.

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