Oh My Baby Episode 16: What is it all about?

Oh My Baby is a Korean drama that revolves around the life of Jang Ha Ri and the difficulties she faces in making herself successful in her business. In this post, we are going to talk about the release date and further details regarding Oh My Baby Episode 16.

Oh My Baby Episode 16: Release date

Oh My Baby Episode 16 released on Thursday, 2 July, 2020 at 20:50 KST (Korean Standard Time). Episode 16 is the final episode of this season, and hence we can expect a greater twist and turn in the sixteenth episode.

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Where can we stream the series?

South Korea people can watch their favorite show on local Korean TV channel tvN during the night time programs. People who do not belong to the South Korea region or those who want to watch the Oh My Baby Episode 16 online can stream it on Rakuten Viki online streaming website. However, global and online viewers may have to wait a bit for the release of the episode on the online platform as the new episode will be uploaded only after the broadcast of the episode on the local television channel.

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What has happened till now, and what can we expect in Oh My Baby episode 16?

The woman Jang Ha Ri is a complete workaholic. Till now in Oh My Baby previous episodes, Eu Ddeum has finally decided to confess his feelings to Jang Ha Ri as he is very much in love with her. Eu Ddeum seems to be very excited and asks around the proper way to confess. Meanwhile, Jang Ha Ri remembers her first encounter with I Sang and how they kissed.

Ha Ri feels awkward about the kiss until she come to know that I Sang noticed her diary. She goes to him and genuinely shares her feelings with him. Right now, She is in a very difficult phase of her life as she keeps on blending her personal matters with her career. And she is unable to choose what she actually wants.

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Since Oh My Baby episode 16 is the final episode of the season, we can expect a twist and turn with an engaging storyline. It would be interesting to see how Ha Ri will tackle the confusing situation in which she is in.

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