Okushou Launches His New Manga Soon; Major Details Insided

To fully enjoy Okushou mangas it is necessary to take a look at his previous works, especially the most popular of all, ‘Real Account’. An adventure full of drama, science fiction, and psychological horror. The manga began publication on January 9, 2014. The manga has received much love from its selected audience. The well-written storyline and intriguing characters draw you closer to the manga. And, throughout the manga, till the end, it managed to keep its fans hooked up.

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s talk about our main news. For anyone and everyone, whos has read Real Account and likes Okusho, we have a piece of good news for you.

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Okushou New Manga

Following his success with Real Account, Okushou returns to the drawing board to embark on a new adventure. It will be under the title of ‘No Reception ~ Denpa no Nai Kuni ~’ (‘A Land Without Radio Waves’). It was announced Tuesday in the pages of the November issue of Akita Shoten’s Monthly Shonen Champion magazine, home of Okushou’s previous work.

Although the series does not yet have an official synopsis, the announcement confirmed that it will begin publication on November 6, which corresponds to the December issue of the magazine.

Source: playerone.vg

As Okushou is used to, the mangaka will not be alone in this new job but will have the help of the illustrator Unamu Masubuchi to transport us to a land without radio waves. The series will debut three chapters simultaneously for its debut. The manga’s story begins when all radio waves disappear from the plane.

About Real Account Manga 

In history, Real Account is a popular application that allows its users to link their account to reality to socialize and even buy things in real life. Like any technological convenience, the app has become indispensable in daily life, especially for high school sophomore Ataru Kashigawa, who has become obsessed with virtual life.

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After discovering that not everything is as they paint it, Ataru is forced to participate in horrible online games with the penance that you, as well as all your followers, can die if you lose and the rules only get worse as you progress. If you run out of followers, certain death awaits you and the only thing that stands between Ataru’s life and death is an anonymous follower who supports him despite falling from grace.

Stay tuned with us for more updates!

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