One Piece Chapter 1042: Spoilers Alert!

One Piece Chapter 1042: Hello Manga Fans!

Did you hear the news? The famous Japanese manga -One Piece has crossed 1000 chapters. And don’t worry fan it’s not stopping here, it will continue just like its popularity!

Now fans can’t wait for the One Piece Chapter 1042 which is said to be the most anticipated chapter. All the fans are excited to know the storyline as we are in the final moments of the Onigashima raid.

On Sunday the 1042 chapter of One Piece Chapter will be released with any breaks.
According to the official schedule by Manga Plus, Chapter 1042 will be available to read at midnight JST on March 6, 2022.

Spoilers Alert! Source:

The raw scans will be out to the fans of One Piece 1042, three or two days before it’s released. Nevertheless, the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1042 are out.

Are you excited to know about the spoilers? Then let’s skip to the good part!

So the role of Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no mi Devil Fruit in the destruction of the Red Line.

Kardo will use one of the ‘Drunk Modes’ called Raihou Hakke against Luffy. Luffy will combine the halo power adding Gear 4th mode Snake Man and Gomu Gomu no Hydra to overthrow the Jairo.

At the end of One Piece 1041 Luffy used Sne Man, but with 4th mode Snake man, he will power back!

On the other hand, Luffy says he will not stop until he saves Wanokunki and Kills Kaifi. Also, the World Government is scared of his decision because he is the son of Monkey D Dragon. And not to forget the wants to be the Pirate King and that Gomu Gomu no Mi is the most dangerous thing about Luffy.

One Piece Chapter 1042 spoilers.
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Do you know what is Gomu Gomu no mi?

It is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that provides the Property is of rubber, making the user a rubber human to the user’s body. Originally it is a treasure that was heavily guarded by the world Government until it was stolen by the shanks and his crew. Not to forget it was then accidentally eaten by the series protagonist, Monkey D. Luffy.

As demonstrated by Luffy, the fruit’s major strength is the user’s body can stretch, bend, bounce, inflate, and twist like rubber, even when the user himself is nullified.

Wouldn’t it be so interesting to watch what happens to Luffy after using devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi?

On 6th March 2022- One Piece Chapter 1042 will be released. Do let us know in the comments section below about how much excitement you have

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