One Piece Chapter 1044: Kaidou to run after Joy Boy for Ancient Weapon

One of the popular anime shows, One Piece Chapter 1044, the Japanese manga will be breaking out on coming Sunday! The delay of chapter 1044 as the mangaka, EiichiroOda is taking a break for one week. The release date was pushed back by the Shonen Jump for one week after the release of chapter 1043.

Somethings about Chapters 1044 and 1043

Luffy’s devil fruit power awakening will be shown in One Piece Chapter 1044. Most probably it can happen that Luffy will start fighting with Kaidou. However, it will be interesting for fans to see whether Luffy Fights as Joy Boy or as himself.

One Piece Chapter 1044: We all are excited!
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Also in chapter 1043, Zunisha the gargantuan elephant tells momo that has been hearing voices that he hasn’t heard in 800 years. However, for fans! Job Boy has returned!

We know that you have a lot of confusion right now but don’t worry soon One Piece Chapter 1044 will clear all the confusion! Rather than Zunisha, Kaidou was the first one to mentioned JoyBoy without even reading the poneglyphs.

Luffy is a Joy Boy, and the stories within it?

Joy boy, if Luffy regains his sense of Joy Boy then Kaido’s wishes will be fulfilled. Kaidou feels that the Joy Boy should also have the three Ancient Weapons that Luffy has. Once Big Mom and Kaidou are confirmed that Luffy is a Joy Boy, they will run after him to get the Ancient Weapon.

One Piece Chapter 1044: fans can't wit.
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Theories that are rotating according to them, Voice of all the things can be heard and sensed by Kaidou. He is among Luffy, Roger, Oden, and Momonosuke who have this ability.

Remember in chapter 1044, Kaidou’s former Captain, Rocks D. Xebec, can also be informed about Joy Boy by him. Xebec is also known as Rocks. Posthumous he is, the antagonist of the manga One Piece. Also, he was the captain of the legendary pirate crew known as Rocks Pirates. He was the very first rival of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. Xebec has more knowledge about history, and he has a desire to become to be the King of the world.

Spoiler for the new chapter coming in?

However, now what will be the Kaidou plans if finds out that Luffy is a Joy Boy. Joy Boy can also kill him. Whereas, there are three parts that will mainly be focusing on the topic in the upcoming chapters.

One Piece Chapter 1044: as suspense for the fans!
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Two-three days before it gets released, the raw scan would surface, the timing will be different worldwide so that the globally audience can watch the episode according to their convictions.

On 27th March 2022, the chapter 1044might get released, though you can read the manga online for free on Viz Media, Shonen Jump, and Manga Plus all and website.

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