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One Piece Chapter 985: Major Updates Here!

One Piece is a very famous anime serious and fans are always eagerly waiting for the new episode. A new chapter is released on Sunday of every week. In today’s article, we will discuss the release date, spoilers of the One Piece Chapter 985.

One Piece is a fictional manga which revolves around a number of soldiers, pirates, revolutionaries. This manga also includes fights with character’s supernatural powers and superhuman abilities.

One Piece Chapter 985: Release date

The next chapter of the manga will release on July 19, 2020. VIZ media platform and Shueisha Manga official platform will air the new chapter.

New chapter’s raw scans are released 2-3 days before the official release. To support the Manga creators and publishers, we advise you to read the digital copies from their official websites and apps.

One Piece Chapter 985
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Recap of the previous chapter

We earlier saw that the flying six could not find Kaido’s son. Meanwhile, Yamato meets Luffy and saves him from the Beast Pirates. He offers him safe harbour from Kaido’s people. Yamato convinces Luffy that they both are on the same side. But, Luffy is unaware that Yamato is Kaido’s Son whom the flying six are looking for. Blackbeard is interested in someone with the devil fruit ability so he will participate in the Wano Kuni fight. To deal with Blackbeard Pirate, Luffy will have Shanks as a backup.

Luffy says that he can easily finish Kaido’s fodders in 5 seconds. Yamato opposes and makes a smokescreen. Later, when Luffy and Yamato are alone, he gives Yamato 5 minutes to talk. Yamato says he witnessed Oden’s execution and was impressed, he wants to fulfil Oden’s will. Following this, Yamato’s mask fell off and we discover that she is a woman and her real name is Atsumi.

Sanji and Zorro are in a dilemma of fighting their battle either with flying six or Commanders of Kaido that include Queen, King, and Jack. Marines, Shanks, Garp are deciding if they should enter the fight later.






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