One Piece Chapter 986: Is Orochi Still Alive?

The Japanese manga One Piece’s recent chapter 985 has shown Kaido slashing Orochi’s head. We believe that Orochi is already dead, but some fans are having second thoughts about this and have shared a few theories and predictions on why they think that Orochi is still alive.

They believe that Orochi’s head powers might have saved him. He has eaten the Hebi no Mi, Model: Yamata no Orochi, a Mythical Zoan-type of Devil Fruit, that helps him transform into an eight-headed snake. The suggested theories say that Orochi is alive as his heads will definitely grow back.

All eight heads have to be cut down at the same instance to take Orochi’s life. The remaining Samurai from Wano, aka the Eight Red Scabbards, might cut off Orochi’s eight heads to take revenge for Oden’s death.

The second theory is that Yamato will get Orochi’s fruit. Yamato is Orochi’s successor to the Wano Shogunate and can be the one to get the fruit. There’s a high probability that Yamato will become the new serpent with eight heads!

The last theory is that all of this is just an illusion. It isn’t the real Orochi!! Chances might happen that he already knew about Kaido’s vicious plans and so ordered Kanjuro to make a replica model of himself. If Kanjuro had died, all of his drawing models would turn to ink. The viewers will then be sure of whether Orochi is alive or not.

Now, if any of the theories have to believed, then the One Piece chapter 986 will surely confirm that Orochi is still very much alive as he can use his paintings to deceive Kiku and the other samurai’s or maybe the traitor is just heavily injured.

One Piece Chapter 986 Release Date and the revelation around Orochi’ death:

One Piece Chapter 986 is set to release on August 2, 2020, Sunday, as informed by the official manga sources. It will be available for streaming on the Viz and MangaPLUS websites and the Shonen Jump app.

Comment below and tell us what you think is going to happen in One Piece, Chapter 986!

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