One Piece Chapter 986: What Will Luffy Reply To Yamato’s Special Request?

One piece needs no introduction. It is currently the bestselling manga ever, taking over Dragon Ball and having sold 473 million copies also holding a Guinness World Record for the same.

Written by Eiichiro Oda covering various genres like action, adventure, fantasy, etc. Debuted in 1997, it celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year and still going strong. It is the journey of a boy, Monkey D Luffy exploring the rough tides of the grand line in the search of the greatest treasure known in order to become the next Pirate King.

When Is The Next Chapter Of One Piece Going To Release?

Coming back in August after a small break, One piece is all set to make the fans crazy again with the new chapter coming up. Also hinted by the sources that the upcoming chapters might get emotional. The release of Chapter 986 was delayed to 3rd August 2020 and like always, it is said to take a small weekly break again sometime in the future.

Now, let’s jump straight ahead and recapture the previous chapter and what we can expect from the next chapters.


What happened in One Piece Chapter 985?

Scabbards and Izo find Kanjuro who is met by an unexpected event. Also revealing how Momonosuke tried to flee away. Later Kanjuro and Kikunojo clash followed by Scabbard and Izo engaging in a battle against the Kanjuro forces. Both Yamato and Luffy were inside the ceiling.

Yamato assures Luffy that she will help him defeat Kaidou and Luffy decides to remove her handcuffs also Yamato confesses to Luffy about how she wants to start a new life and get on board his ship. Big mom makes an entry and discloses how Zeus, Nami, and Carrot were under her control.

Kaido starts with his speech about the Onigashima Project, the plan including taking over Wano and the alliance with Big Mom with the goal to find One Piece. All of a sudden Luffy and Yamato fall off the ceiling. Yamato is furious upon hearing Kaido’s and Big Mom’s plan. To be continued…

Fun Facts : 

The upcoming chapters are so emotional that it made the manga editor Takano-san cry since he began working with Eiichiro Oda. It was from the live stream done on the official One Piece YouTube channel. For more details watch the video given below (Not the actual video of the editor crying :P).



It’s too early to give you any spoilers. One Piece manga spoilers are usually released two to three days before the chapter officially releases. So, as of now, we have no spoilers or raw cuts.

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What can we expect from the next chapter?

In the next chapter, we can maybe expect a reply from Luffy to Yamato’s special request and shortly the reactions of everyone when they learn about Kaido’s Plan.  
Stay tuned for more 😉

What do you think will happen next? Have any predictions, theories? Enlighten us in the comments.

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