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One Piece Chapter 988: Kaido’s Weakness Revealed!

One Piece Chapter 988 is just around the corner and this time there’s going to be no delays. This anime is one of the most popular anime of all times and has managed to gather a huge fan base. Additionally, the anime’s TV series has become very famous. Here’s everything you need to know about One Piece Chapter 988.

One Piece Chapter 988
Source: Crunchyroll

One Piece Chapter 988: Release Date

One Piece Chapter 988 is all set to land on August 23, 2020. Eiichiro Oda is manga’s main writer and Shueisha publishes it.

VIZ Media’s official website features manga’s new releases. Also, Shueisha’s Manga Plus app and Shueisha’s website publishes the manga. You can download the Shueisha app to catch the latest chapters.


Kaido tells Momo that he will free him if Momo isn’t here for Kozuki. Momo shouts Momonosuke Kozuki’s name. A sudden blast happens and Kaido remains unsuccessful in killing Momo.

One Piece Chapter 988
Source: Crunchyroll

Luffy threw Yamato off which led to the explosion. Kaido tied explosives on Yamato’s cuff and so when Luffy tossed him, the explosion occurred. Yamayo gets furious at Kaido as he tied the explosives on his cuffs.

Later, we saw that Izo shouts for the king. Neko manages to knock down Kaido. All the holders took over Kaido and hold him tightly. Only Kinemon and Denjiro’s swords are capable of killing Kaido. So Kaido did not worry as he knew these sccabards’s swords will not kill him.

In chapter 987, we saw many surprising things. There was a battle between the Beast Pirates’ captain and Oden’s followers. This revealed a long waited secret. We saw that Kaido has a weakness!

In the last chapter, we saw Kaido getting nostalgic while the scabbards were attacking him. Fans are still unable to process Kaido’s scream. Kaido screams for the first time ever and this was really shocking.

One Piece Chapter 988
Source: Crunchyroll

Kaido’s fight with Kozuki Oden might make him scream. Oden almost defeated Kaido. Oden was the first person to physically hurt Kaido. He does not even possess Devil Fruit, but still managed to wound the strongest creature on the planet. How is this possible? What powers does he have? Or does Kaido have a weakness?

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