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One Piece Chapter 989: Can Sanji beat King?

As we all know One Piece needs no introductions. So I’ll get straight to the point.  We have now entered the most long-awaited and exciting arcs of the series. And what an amazing chapter 988 was. A big war is about to break out.

The time for Minks to take revenge on Jack has come. Luffy has now declared an all-out war to Big Mom and Kaidou and it seems like he’s all prepared to take them down. Samurais are now fighting Kaidou’s dragon form while Yamato and straw hats about to fight the beast pirates.

Zoro and Sanji fans are in a tough fight right now. Sanji fans are almost sure that the blonde raider can give a great fight to King. And just with a little help, they can defeat King. Zoro fans are searching for a proper Swordsman opponent. But, they’re unsure about Sanji being able to handle King.

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One Piece Chapter 989 will show us more of the Sulongs. Now they finally have a proper chance to get back at the Calamity. Also, we might see the power of the Numbers. Okay, with all that being said, let’s not waste any more time. So, scroll down and get the official release date of Chapter 989.

Release Date 

One Piece manga is again on a weekly break and hence Chapter 989 is delayed. Therefore, chapter 989 will be released on Sunday, 6 September 2020. This Manga releases its new chapter every Sunday.

Recapturing One Piece Chapter 988

Kaido gets aware of the Mink Troops before him and their plan of using Sulong against him. Just then, Jack and his henchmen enter the roof. Nekomamushi, Inurashi, and Raizo get desperate to fight him due to the situation at Zou. But, the Musketeers tell Inurashi and Nekomamushi to focus on the big fish first, while they handle Jack. The Beast Pirates are ready with Number 7- Nagi with them.

Meanwhile, Onigashima Shinobu tries to rescue Momosuke but the King notices her. He throws Shinobu through the wall. Momosuke’s chains break during their chaos. So, he tries to fly away but King manages to stop him. He attacks Momosuke to reveal the invisible Sanji helping him. Sanji secures Momosuke and passes him to Shinobu. He praises Shinobu for his courage. King transforms into Pteranodon and attacks Sanji.

On the other hand, Luffy is furious and starts heading towards Kaido. Big Mom obstructs his way and attacks him with Elbaf No Yarii: Ikoku. The Yonko is mad that Luffy interrupts all her parties. Luffy dodges the attack in time but the Onigashima wall gets destroyed. The Wano Samurai are terrified of Big Mom’s strength. Unsure if they can defeat such strong villains.

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Big Mom summons Zeus and unleashes a thunder attack on Nami. Zeus is forced to chose Mama once again. He is about to attack and kill a terrified Nami. But, Brook and Franky save the day. Brook uses his sword and cuts Zeus in half once more. Franky rams his bike “Kurosai” into Big Mom’s face.

A pretty action-packed and exciting chapter after a long. But, it’s going to get better with Chapter 989 as things have now started to get hot


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What do you think about these theories? Do you have any other interesting theories? Please share it with us in the comments section.

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 989?

You can read the upcoming chapters as well as all the previous ones here. The links are given below.

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