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One Piece: Chapter 990 – Straw Hats Assembled

One Piece remains one of the biggest and most successful ongoing manga series out there. Right now, it is sailing very well with one of its most long-awaited and exciting arcs. The manga just got the latest chapter 989 just a few days ago. And fans are getting impatient to read the next chapter.

The Wano arc is slowly approaching its end. With the war between the Straw Hat alliance against Yonko Kaido and his allies has already begun. This arc is going to give us some memorable action scenes. Some clashes we didn’t expect and some interesting theories might turn true. And finally, we’re going to see Luffy vs Kaido. Somethings that everyone’s been wanting to see for the longest time.

So without wasting any more time, I’ll get straight to the release date of One Piece Chapter 990.

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Release Date

One Piece Chapter 990 is scheduled to release on Sunday, 13 September 2020. New chapters release every Sunday. Although the manga has become a biweekly manga, being on a break every other week. But, fortunately, it is not a break right now, and there is no news of any delays or change in schedules yet. Don’t worry, you will be the first one to know. 😉

The English translation will be at the following times for international audiences:

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Sunday, September 13
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Sunday, September 13
  • Eastern Time: noon on Sunday, September 13
  • British Time: 5 PM on Sunday, September 13

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Source: gamenguides.com

Quick Summary of One Piece Chapter 989

Shinobu and Momonosuke are scared by Yamato claiming to be Oden. They run off and Franky fires a Radical Beam to save Usopp and Chopper from one of the numbers. Before Big Mom could attack Franky, Jinbe and Robin intervene and force her off the Live Stage. Meanwhile, Queen prevents Luffy and Zoro from going after Kaido. Franky forms General Franky and Sanji recovers from his battle with King. And in the end, all of the Straw Hats are assemble on the Live Stage.

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Some Interesting One Piece Theories

  1. What are your thoughts on how high the Straw Hat’s bounties will be after the Wano Arc? How many more bounty increases will be in the story of One Piece before it concludes? Watch the video given below which explains all the bounty hikes for this arc and further.


  2. Queen, the Plague Calamity of Kaido’s Crew, is yet to have a battle. I believe he will face Luffy since it has been foreshadowed. Watch this video which explains about Queen’s Secret Ability and the probability of Queen vs Luffy.


  3. Where do you think Urouge will show up in the story next and what is his overall goal being a pirate on the Blue Sea?<


Where Can I Read One Piece Chapter 990?

Read the upcoming chapter as well as all the previous chapters here- Manga PlusViz Media.


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