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One Piece Chapter 997: What Is Luffy’s Next Move?

One Piece now is without a doubt, the biggest and most successful ongoing manga series out there. In its particular genre, the series runs unparalleled to any other. And, of course, the most anticipated series right now.

The unpredictable plot twists and turns continue with the world-building element growing further with each episode. Apart from that, the series is still perfectly balancing all of its serious moments with its comedy, while sticking to the very roots of shounen.

The current chapters are making sure to give us some unforgettable scenes. On a whole, the franchise is getting assistance from throughout the globe. Numerous theories are surfacing the web. The stakes are getting higher as the story gets even more detailed.

With all said, let’s talk about the release date of One Piece Chapter 997. And, make sure to check out the official reading platforms for the manga. We have also provided you with some reaction and theory videos.

One Piece
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Release Date

One Piece chapter 997 will be released on Sunday, 29 November 2020. Note that, the date might be subjected to changes based on the official release status. But, don’t worry, in any case, we will keep you updated.

Summary of One Piece Chapter 996

Franky draws in Hatcha, ultimately making a hole in the floor which gives Momonosuke, Shinobu, and Yamato an escape route. Yamato takes down Hatcha with one blow. Simultaneously, Law keeps pursuing to find the road Poneglyph with the ultimate goal of revealing the Will of D. As Killer and Kid make their way to the roof, Kaido collects all the weapons.

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Nine Red Scabbards takes on Kaiso, but Big Mom rushes to the roof. Luffy and his team are on their way to the roof. The Chapter ends with Sanji hearing something with a terrified face.

Where can I read One Piece Chapter 997?

You can read Chapter 997 as well as all the previous and upcoming ones here. The links are given below.

One Piece Theories and Reviews

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