One Piece Creator Releases One-shot Story

One Piece is celebrating its 21st anniversary in 2021. As an important manga icon the year 2021 will be remarkable for One Piece. As the commemoration of its anniversary, the franchise took up several projects. Among all projects, the joining of Where’s Waldo is one. This is going to be the craziest crossover in the shonen manga series.

Waldo crossover is mainly a voiced comic. It is from Oda’s one-shot manga “Monsters.” Weekly Shonen Jump is the publication where the one-shot manga ‘Monsters’ originally got released.

One-Shot Story –

The cast of Waldo worked as the inspiration for the Straw Hat Pirates and their world. The ancient and offbeat patterns of ‘hunt and find’ is the only common thing between the Waldo and Straw Hat Pirates.

The story follows the world where both the characters co-exists. The world of Grand Line is the island that is possibly the coexisting point. The figures of shonen are thus loved by all ages since the 1990s.

The Reason Behind Connection with Forgotten Characters-

What is the reason behind such crossover is not disclosed. To read Oda’s mind is not an easy task. Though, the majority of the readers want to follow the theory of the similar offbeat and ancient pattern of both the mangas, that is- the hunt and the find.

The twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga revealed the upcoming voiced comic. According to the creator, the one-shot story is set to arrive this September.

It will take another five years to put an end to the journey of Luffy. Eiichiro Oda is not shy about it at all. This act indicates Eiichiro is enjoying his retirement. It can also mean that he will dive back into a new manga series. Many manga fans want to enjoy Oda’s continuation of creating such insane room in the manga world.


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