One Piece Episode 931-933: Detailed Summary Here!

One Piece Episode 931-933 just got released and the fans are just loving it. In case you missed these episodes, then don’t worry. This article summarizes what happened in every episode focusing on important details.

One Piece Episode 931-933

Episode 931

Luffy hangs Hyogoro on his neck and starts scaling the cliffside. The Queen orders her goons to deal with them. Babanuki, with an elephant cannon in his chest, blasts them off the wall. Luffy gets surrounded by goons and with nowhere to go.

One Piece Episode 931-933
Source: Crunchyroll

Back in Ebisu, everyone is getting nice and comfortable. Sanji has disappeared and Zoro is all MIA again. Nami, Robin, and Shinobu are at the bathhouse chatting and gossiping while the octopus washes their back.

Back at the labour camp, Queen decides what to do with Luffy and Hyogoro. Raizo gets caught when we watching from above, but suddenly a poof, and he’s gone. The goons tie deadly collars around Luffy and Hyogoro’s necks. It will chop their heads off if they fall outside the ring of combat! They will now have to face the prison guard in combat. Luffy is fully prepared for the battle!

Episode 932

Queen and her goons laugh at Luffy and Hyogoro waiting for his death. Luffy blasts the guards away and is now ready to roll with the cuffs removed. Luffy is enjoying knocking down prison guards and is having fun.

One Piece Episode 931-933
Source: Crunchyroll

Hawkins and X Drake arrive at the bathhouse looking for Soba Mask. Eventually, Hawkins begins attacking and another bloodshed breaks out. Soba Mask jumps in the way to protect Nami, Robin, and Shinobu. Meanwhile, Hawkins and X Drake see the tattoo of the resistance!

Episode 933

Big Mom gets hungry so Tama gets her pumped by talking about red bean soup.

Back at the labor camp, Luffy is pinning down guards like anything but he is upset with himself. He is still not as good as Rayleigh and cannot fight with such ease. The Queen sees that Luffy is getting tired and so she brings in the Gifters. The Gifters are a Gazelle Man and Bat Man with a bow and arrow in outrageous costumes. Luffy still manages to defeat both of them right away.

One Piece Episode 931-933
Source: Crunchyroll

Zoro and Gyukimaru face off in single combat back at Chanbara Town USA. Komurasaki comes running onto the battlefield interrupting the battle. She is shouting for help carrying Toko in her arms. She yells that someone is out to kill them and she needs protection. The killer is none other than Hitokiri Kamazo, the wanted serial killer from the flower capital.

Komurasaki asks Zoro for his help and offers anything in return. Zoron agrees to help for some sake and food. Hitokiri comes in like a whirling dervish, and the battle commences. The fight that follows is one to watch!

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