One Piece: Facts That You Never Knew Including Zoro’s Eyes And More!

One Piece is one of the best series ever and it has been around for more than 20 years. Fans have many questions about their characters and many more things. For example, the series’ never explained what happened to Zoro’s eyes. Here’s everything you need to know the series’ never revealed facts!

10) Zoro’s Eye

Roronoa Zoro had one less eye after the time skip. One of the most convincing fan explanation is that Zoro got this accidentally while training. However, none of the Straw Hats ever asked about this, not even Luffy. Given Luffy’s childish curiosity, surprisingly, he never bothered to know what exactly happened to Zoro’s eye.

One Piece
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9) Objects Eating Devil Fruits

Devil Fruits are the magical fruits that grant the user magical abilities. One has to eat these fruits to get these abilities. We saw that the World Government was having weapons eat Devil Fruits. What was that all about? Weapons might be consuming these fruits to gain power and gain consciousness.

8) How Big Mom Got The Soul-Soul Fruit

There are many mysterious surrounding Big Mom that we don’t know. However, we do know that Big Mom got the Soul-Soul Fruit from her foster mother, Mother Caramel. Charlotte Linlin once blacked out on her birthday and found herself alone and somehow with Mother Caramel’s Devil Fruit.

We also do know that if one eats a Devil Fruit user, then they gain that person’s Devil Fruit. This clears up some mysterious, but also sparks many nightmares!

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7) The Tree On Rusukaina

Luffy leaves his hat on a mysterious tree on Rusukaina when he goes off to train with Rayleigh. One Piece: Strong World has explained the tree’s secrets. This tree repels animals with poisonous spores, just like the “Daft Green”. Oda said that the Rusukaina tree isn’t poisonous, but it is similar to the Daft Green.

6) One Piece: Who Knows The Will Of D.

The Will Of D. is one of the series’ biggest mysteries. Also, the number of people with the middle initial “D” is growing every day. This special order mainly comprises of old folks. Additionally, is also includes Woop Slap, Foosha Village’s mayor, Dr. Kureha, Chopper’s mentor, and Crocus, Gol D. Roger’s personal doctor.

5) Eneru & Aliens

Eneru’s cover story revealed that Skypeia’s ex-god managed to reach the moon. There, he discovers an entire colony of cute robots who hid in fear of space pirates. Eneru saves these robots and discovers a prophecy that connects these little things and the moon.

4) One Piece: Zoro’s Asura

Many Straw Hats got essential power-ups during the Enies Lobby Arc. Luffy increased his speed and power by increasing the blood flow across his body and blowing air into his bones. Zoro was able to have multiple heads and arms!

One Piece
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3) Shakky’s Past

Shakky once revealed that Monkey D. Garp chased her and she has a relationship with Silvers Rayleigh. These reveal that how powerful and shady she really is, as it is something to hang with the Dark King. Also, the Pirate King’s own arch-nemesis is hunting her. There is something more to Shakky than what meets the eye!

2) The Rocky Port Incident

Trafalgar Law character was first introduced in the Seven Warlords. At that time, he was involved with something called “The Rock Port Incident.” The name doesn’t not sound so good and also has something more to it. Also, Law was validated as one of the most powerful and dangerous pirates around. Law collected 100 pirate hearts. What exactly did he do?

1) One Piece: The Giant Egg On The Oro Jackson

The Oro Jackson is definitely the series’ one of the best pirate ships. Franky’s own shipwright mentor, Tom designed the ship himself. Its design is very intriguing.

However, there is a giant egg in the back of the ship. No one knows about it and no one ever asked about the polka-dotted egg on the back of Roger’s ship. It is yet to reveal what this egg truly represents.

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We will bring more details very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!



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