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One Piece: Luffy Can Almost Never Get To Kaido! Here’s Why!

One Piece is on a very interesting mode right now. Luffy is on for the battle of his lifetime. Luffy is going to fight Kaido, and this time, it’s going to be much harder.

Earlier we saw that Luffy charged at Kaido head-on and lost against Kaido before he was tossed into prison. This time, he is in for revenge. But, does he stand a chance to win? Here’s everything you need to know about the fight!

One Piece: Luffy’s New Problems!

In the previous chapter, we see that Luffy zoom ahead of everyone who chose to fight Big Mom. The captain said that he will go ahead and fight Kaido as he knows hoe strong Kaido is. When he was on his way, Zoro crosses Luffy and tells him that he will go fight Kaido too.

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Unfortunately, things did not turn out as they planned. The Queen got the sniff that the pair is coming to fight Kaido. So, she stops them from reaching the surface where Kaido is at. The Queen transforms into a dinosaur again and forces Luffy to go to the bottom level. The rest of the Straw Hat crew is already at the bottom level.

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Zoro says that it does not seem like they can go up there at all. The Queen totally blocked the sky.

The Queen and King guarding the path to Kaido is terrifying. This is the baddest villain pair and also the best fighters. If the gang wants to get to Kaido, they must first deal with Big Mom and all others. This surely is not going to be an easy task.

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What happened in the last chapter?

In the manga’s last chapter, we saw that Big Mom was lying down on the floor. On the other hand, straw hats blunder petrifies beast pirates and they ran over a Yonkou.

Boss Hyogoro and Juno are protecting the fort from the beast pirates. Big Mom regains back her consciousness and she is furious. Franky and Brook take a stand against Big Mom and tries to fight her.

Luffy is now the pirate king and so he decides not to surrender to Yonkou. As the beasts increase their strength, Big Mom says that they are ancient giants. She also says that these beasts never succeeded in anything.

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One Piece
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Big Mom says that Kaido brought the beast pirates and she always knew that. As Big Mom attacks Franky, Jinbei and Robin comes to her rescue and takes down Big Mom.

Luffy and Queen are engaged in a lethal battle. Queen transforms into a dinosaur and prevents Luffy from climbing up the roof. King stops Zoro from helping Luffy and Queen dominates over Luffy. Luffy then fights Kaido and the remaining members fight the beast pirates and Big Mom.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading for all the latest updates!


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