One Piece Manga Chapter 1031 Spoilers

So everyone!! Spoilers of One Piece Manga Chapter 1031 are here. Finally, we will now know what happened after the events of chapter 1030.

Conclusion Of One Piece Manga Chapter 1030:

In the last chapter, Law and Kid demonstrated their awakened Devil Fruit Powers. In chapter 1030, Law and Kid become the first pirates from the Worst Generation to activate and display the Devil Fruit Awakening. Law uses two new attacks named Shock Wille and Kroom on Big Mom. It creates a shock wave from within the body of the victim. Followed by Kid using Assign and Punk Clash to convert Big Mom into a giant magnet. Thus concluding the chapter.

The chapter reveals that both Kid and Law are not entirely used to their new awakened powers. Also, the awakened power drains their stamina dramatically, which ultimately leads to them passing out. Therefore they both only use this as their last resort.

Awakened Devil fruit
Limits Of Law and KId DF Awakening
Image: Viz Media

One Piece Manga Chapter 1031:

The upcoming chapter 1031 is given the title The Warrior Of Science. Here the title refers to Sanji and Germa 66.

What Is Devil Fruit Awakening?

The One Piece Manga Chapter 1031 starts with a comment The awakening of Devil Fruits is a gift. Who made this comment is not known; however, it is damn true. As first awakening of once Devil Fruit is something that happens very rarely. It is achieved by very few exceptional individuals, and second, it gives the user new ability either to control their surroundings or make them strong. Sometimes the user can bend the structure of surrounding around to him according to their will if the user is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit User. However, If the user has eaten a Zoan type, it will be given an immense increase in their strength and defense and the recovery time.

The awakening of these two types of Devil Fruits is already shown to us. The guards of the Impel down with zoan fruits have their DF awakened. As for the Paramecia type, we have seen Doflamingo, who, after awakening his DF, can alter the structures of his surroundings and transform them into the strings under his control.

Doflamingo Awakened DF Powers Affect On Surrounding
Image: Toei Animation

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Logia Devil Fruit Awakening:

Apart from these two types of DF awakening, there is yet another type of DF. The strongest of all three types- The Logia Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit allows the user to control natural elements like Water, Air, Fire, Lightning, Smoke, Magma, and many more. Additionally, this type of DF allows the user to convert his entire body into the natural elements at will. The awakening of this type of DF lets the DF power take on its own will. It rapidly increases the strength, and the true wild nature of the elements comes out and overtake the surrounding in their control. In the battle for the position of the Marine Fleet Admiral, Aokiji and Akainu use their awakened DF powers. As a result of which the island of Punk Hazard has a drastic climate. Half of the island is still consumed in Ice and another half in Magma.

Big Mom Get Stronger:

While fighting Law and Kid, Big Mom falls on her knees due to their awakened DF powers. As a result, Big Mom decides to get stronger and how she gets stronger is another surprising feature of her DF. Her DF allows her to convert her life into strength. Big Mom uses 1 year from her total remaining life to make herself stronger and bigger. Also, she gave some of her soul to her homies and Napoleon. This reveals how she is this strong. She takes the life of others and then uses the lifespan to make herself stronger and bigger.

Then the scene goes on to Apoo and Drake. Here, Drake declines the invitation of Apoo. Surprisingly while finding her way to the armory, Yamato breaks into the hall where Apoo and Drake are discussing things. After finding Yamato, one of the Numbers, Fuga goes after her.

Why Is CP0 In Wano?

The only person who can read and understand the text written on the Poneglyphs is the Devil Child – Nico Robin. She can decode the ancient knowledge that the poneglyphs carry. This knowledge is very much crucial for the future of One Piece World as it contains information about the three ancient weapons and about the void century. These weapons are namely the Uranus, Pluton, and the Poseidon. World Government wants to hide this knowledge from the world, and to do so; they have banned the study of these poneglyphs. As a final step to keep this knowledge hidden, they want to kidnap Nico Robin, for which CP0 is in Wano.

CP0 goes after Brook and Robin to capture Robin. It is revealed that the agents with masks are totally on a whole different level than once without the mask.

Is Sanji’s Fear Going To Be True?

Sanji’s worst fear is to become someone like his brothers. A ruthless and emotionless person who is only able to follow orders from Judge. After a brief panel for CP0, the scene goes on to Sanji, where he thinks he has attacked a woman. Because there is a woman with him, who has been attacked, in that confusion, he wonders whether he is going to become like his brother, who does not think twice before attacking a woman. Sanji takes out Raid Suit and believes it to be the trigger of the changes that occurred in him and destroys it.

Sanji then contacts Zoro on Den Den Mushi. He asks Zoro to finish him after the battle against Yonkos if, anyhow, he goes berserk or loses his mind.

Sanji vs Queen
Sanji vs. Queen
Image: Viz Media

The One Piece Chapter 1031 finally concludes with Sanji attacking Queen with the attack Hell Memories.

About Release Date:

The One Piece Manga Chapter 1031 is scheduled to release on November 7, 2021. Fans can enjoy the chapter for free on VIZ Media’s official website.

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