One Piece Manga Chapter 1032: Spoilers and Release Date

After the release of One Piece Manga Chapter 1031, the manga series went on a break for a week. Fans were eager to wait for the new manga chapter, and now it is just about the time to talk about some spoilers.

Recap To Previous Chapter:

The last chapter had some serious manga moments, where we saw Sanji destroying Germa 66 Suit. Finally, we witnessed Big Mom getting serious in the middle of this whole mess to fight Law and Kid, and at last, we saw CP0 making their first move since their arrival in the wano. Also, we saw Drake rejecting to work with Apoo and Zoro, warning Sanji not to die before the war finishes if he wants to die by Zoro’s hands.

Now To The Next Chapter:

One Piece Manga Chapter 1032 is titled “The Dear Sword Of Oden.”

The chapter starts with a much-awaited moment for zoan type DF fans. Yes! Marco transforms into a Phoenix. Marco grabs Izou and takes off to the sky. Then we get to see that the Number Fuuga who went after Yamato is actually his friend. Then suddenly, Brook and Robin fall on his head from nowhere, and with them comes the inevitable CP0, who are after Robin. However, they cannot catch her as the fire youkai injures them, who also fall from the upper floors.

Apoo was watching this whole thing from a corner, and he took a picture of CP0 as proof for their intervention in wano. So he can later sell them to Morgans. CP0 knows that Drake is a Marine but still fights Drake and Apoo. Following their duel, Zoro and King continue their battle.

In the intense battle, King’s dinosaur-like body is revealed just like Queen. Then King returns to his human form and starts fighting once again with his sword. Zoro wonders whether King is a Fishman or he has giants blood in his veins. But in the end, he understands that King is from a race he does not know. Then suddenly a SHAMISEN was played. No one knows who played it, but Enma started to react to it, and Zoro too heard it. Also, Orochi heard it, and when he followed the sound, he found someone.

Additional Prediction:

It is being predicted that while in the manga chapter 1032, one of Zoro’s swords will break while fighting King. But then it will soon reform as a more strong and more durable sword, a Black Blade. Finally, with this Black Blade, Zoro will defeat King and become capable of fighting Dracule Mihawk. Also, if this prediction comes out to be true, then Zoro will become the third person in the One Piece world to ever turn a sword into a Black Blade, just like Dracule Mihawk and Shimotsuki Ryuma.

Zoro Holding Shusui A Black Blade
Image: One Piece

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Release Date:

This manga chapter will be released on November 20, 2021, on the official website of Viz Media. Their fans can enjoy the latest three-chapter for free and that also legally.

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