One Piece Manga Approaching Its End; Know What’s In Store!

One Piece stands as the most successful manga title to date. It has sold over 473 million copies to date Holding a Guinness World Record for the same. It’s been a long ride from where we began. But it breaks my heart to say that the ride has almost come to an end.

Way back in 2016, according to sources, Oda revealed that the manga was around 65% complete. In 2019, reports said Oda intended to end One Piece within five years. He went on to add that the manga will have “just over 100 volumes“. And finally, in a recent announcement made by Shonen Jump, it is hinted that it is finally coming close to its final arc.


The Manga has been out for so long now, that it has become a part of my life. And with this reality hitting hard, it is sad to imagine my life without it. And I’m very sure that this goes for every other die-hard One Piece fans too.

The only good thing is, it still has some time left. At the pace that the manga is going right now, it is safe to say that it still has some time left to it. As it will have just over 100 Volumes, it could be 120 or 130, and like every 20 volumes roughly takes 5 years, we have about 5-7 years worth of One Piece left.

We should also consider that Luffy is still going after all of the Yonko’s and he has decided that he will be dealing with Shanks last. Currently, he is facing Big Mom and Kaido at the same time. Which comes down to Blackbeard being next. Consider all of that and we already have a big enough story to cover a lot of manga chapters. A lot to things to discover and a lot of stories to tell in One Piece.



Making a list, this is what I think we might cover soon. There are chances that I might miss something. So, please enlighten me in the comments section.

  1. Luffy and Shanks reunion.
  2. Sanji and all blue.
  3. Luffy meeting dragon which maybe will be followed by Luffy and the revolutionaries vs World Govt Final War
  4. Zoro vs Mihawk.
  5. Strawhats vs Blackbeard which of course either has to happen before raftel or on raftel.
  6. Stories of Vegapunk and his lineage factor.
  7. The mysteries of Im, Shanks, Mariejoise.
  8. Elbaf
  9. Of course the truth about the Void Century.
  10. One Piece 😛

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Where can we watch One Piece?

You can watch the anime on the links that are given below

I’m sure you also have some interesting theories or predictions about the anime, the treasure, and more.
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