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One Piece: Roger Fight at God Valley Revealed!

One Piece is slowly making its way towards the incredible 1000th episode. However, the makers never fail in making it more and more interesting as the episodes fly by. Also, with a manga publishing simultaneously, the weight of expectation is always high. Ever since the first episode airing in 1999, the show is in overdrive and shows no signs of stopping.

Adapting the storyline from the source material is difficult enough, more so with such a classic manga. The latest episode carries an incredible revelation from the past and it’s getting fans excited.

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Roger Fight at God Valley Revelation In One Piece Episode 958:-

The title of this episode is “The Legendary Battle! Garp and Roger” airing on 17 January 2021. In the episode, at the new Marine Headquarters, The navy begins a meeting where Sengoku informs them about the alliance between Big Mom and Kaido. The officers hold an extremely serious meeting about the topic. Sengoku explains about the Rocks Pirates and the history concerning this crew.

Consequently, Brannew reveals the bounty of each of the current Authorities as well as Gol D. Sengoku converses about the legendary Rocks pirates and he reveals the bounties of all of the Yonko’s, as well as Roger’s bounty.

History of the God Valley Incident And Why It’s Relevant:-

Thirty-Eight Years back into time, The God Valley Incident took place at an island known as God Valley. There was a battle between the Rocks Pirates and a cooperative effort of the Roger Pirates and the Marines.

For reasons unbeknownst to us, the world nobles and few of their slaves were present at God Valley. In order to safeguard them from Rocks D. Xebec and his crew, planning attacks on the nobles. The current Marine vice-admiral Monkey D. Garp had to form a temporary alliance with Gol D. Roger, captain of the Roger Pirates.

However, the Pirate-Marine alliance was triumphant over The Rocks Pirates. However, it’s only leading to Rocks’ death and the crew’s disbandment.

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Consequences Of The God Valley Incident In The Future:-

Also, Roger’s involvement itself, however, was kept behind the veil by the World Government. The same applied to many of Rocks’ activities as the captain possessed the Will of D. and planned to oust the world nobles to become ruler of the world himself. This means that only very few Marines, mostly veteran ones, know about the details of this incident.

We all know that Eiichiro Oda will keep coming up with new stuff to keep following the quality content. All we have to do as fans is to wait and watch.

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