One Piece Wano Arc: What is happening in the manga??

Fans must be excited as One Piece Wano Arc is continuing and is going to bring out spectacular and amazing things for fans. Let’s have a look at the spoilers of the upcoming One Piece, chapter 983. The spoilers, however, are partially released yet. We will be discussing the latest events that have happened in the manga by now.

What is the Shocking Turn Of Events happening in One Piece Wano Arc??

In the beginning, when the Onigashima raid was just started, everyone thought that this would be Luffy’s alliance vs. Kaido as well as his forces with Big Mom alone.

From the latest chapter spoilers, we got to know how beast pirates operate. With the time, the fans got to know the exact numbers involved in both the fronts.

Later, a search party was sent for Kaido’s son, leaving the position of Flying Six at stake. This made the plot of the story very engaging and exciting. On the other hand, big mom was getting ready for the fight.

Luffy was successful in blowing the cover of Straw hats and their alliance as they entered into the Onigashima. However, a sad turn came when Luffy and Zoro were knocked out by Apoo. Apoo was just a headliner.

Moreover, the chapters released later by VIZ media revealed the secret behind the attack done by Apoo. The official release of One Piece Wano Arc manga ended with the confrontation of Luffy with Ulti.

Marco and Nekomamushi have made it to Wano. Also, Marco was keeping the Queen Mama away from making its way into Wano. Besides, pirates of Big Mom are not yet aware of that Big Mom agreed for the alliance with Kaido.

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Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Alliance’s wanted to divide Kaido and his forces, and his plan was working. The entire event goes on like this, where Big Mom and Kaido together fight and overcome various hurdles together, whereas pirates being unaware.

As the story develops more and more, it seems more than the power balance is shifting, and a lot of third parties are going to involve in the fight.

So far, we are also not sure what is going to happen on Big Mom Pirate’s side since only Big Mom is the only one who is aware of the alliance.

When the second part of the spoiler is going to release??

More interesting things are going to happen in the Onigahsima raid as the story continues, till then we have to wait for the second part of One-piece spoilers. The second part of chapter 983 is going to release on Sunday, 21 June 2020, by VIZ media.

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