One Piece: What’s The Political Angle?

One Piece took off as a simple story of a pirate’s adventure. It is now into a much bigger pool now. Action, adventure, and what most of us never saw coming, Politics!

One Piece: What’s this new political side I am talking about?

Eiichiro Oda‘s series of initial arcs had very few political turns. The friendship has always been the series’ core. Something is going on behind the curtains which we did not see. The series’ protagonists have romanticized pirates who live outside the law.

Their self-identification as pirates automatically pits them against the World Government. As the series advances, the World Government’s role is taking a much higher stand.

One Piece
Source: Crunchyroll

The World Government is relatively silent for the manga’s first 300 chapters. They are put in a markedly different light than a simple governing body in the Water 7 saga. Rob Lucci explains CP9’s existence’s true reason: to assassinate anyone who does not cooperate with or is a threat to the World Government, introducing the idea that it is, in fact, an authoritarian regime stifling any and all opposing actions or ideas with force.

All the backing up this theory needs!

This thesis got cogent support when Nico Robin‘s past is revealed. All the Ohara scholars who were researching the so-called Lost/Void Century are all killed. Only the Buster Call being Robin survived the killing.

Many innocents were slaughtered in an attempt to completely eradicate the scholars and their research. Such acts should face criticism and protests. Instead, this criticism was silenced, thanks to the work of organizations like CP9.

One Piece
Source: Crunchyroll

Additionally, the World Government is entirely committed to Absolute Justice. This ideology seeks the eradication of all who perform criminal actions regardless of the cost in innocent lives.

The World Government have given their Marines a green signal to follow this ideology at all costs. They are trained to face all odds. Given that the Marines are deployed around the world, the World Government has a near-global dominion.

There is more political side the manga than what meets the eye. The World Government is basically a dictator and can prove to be ruthless. What lies ahead for our heroes is still a mystery. But for sure, this political side will play out its dirty side when we are expecting it the east.

We will bring more insights very soon. Until then, stay tuned and keep reading!





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