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One Piece: Why is Everybody in Love with Yamato?

One Piece is sailing well with one of its most long-awaited and exciting arcs. This arc has introduced us to plenty of new characters. And as usual, fans are hooked with the series as they have been for the past 2 decades. The new character, Yamato, is already getting love from the audience. He is known as Kaido’s Son. But, in the latest chapters, Yamato’s face is finally revealed. And it turns out Yamato is actually a woman. Which makes her the Yonko’s daughter. Wow!

Although Yamato and Kaido were initially not indicated to be enemies, Yamato has acted against her father and his crew to achieve her goals. This includes attacking Ulti in order to take Monkey D. Luffy from her and also wishing to work with Luffy.


Yamato getting so much love from the One Piece community despite having only appeared in a couple of chapters? why? Well, let me take you through some facts.

  1. Yamato holds immense admiration for the legendary samurai Kozuki Oden. She emulating every aspect of him, including his appearance, goals, and even his gender. Since Oden was a man, she herself chose to become a man.
    And most importantly, she wishes to fulfill Oden’s dream of reopening the borders of Wano Country.
  2. Yamato has a History with Ace. Now, there are many characters in One Piece. But, when it comes to some specific characters, even the little flashback can make you fall in love with them again. And in the case of Ace, I don’t think I need to say anything.
    There are 2 possibilities. Either Ace and Yamato were really close friends or were healthy rivals like Luffy and Coby.

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  3. She is Strong. Well, of course, she’s Kaido’s daughter so that is kind of obvious. But with the added benefit of being raised in Wano and the misfortune of a life of hardship, she is bound to be one of the strongest characters in One Piece.

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  4. She has the potential to be a Straw Hat. The banter with Luffy alone is sure to make future chapters much more diverse and fun. The relationship between Luffy and her will later be like Roger and Oden. And like every member of Straw Hat, Yamato has a tragic past too.

Will all these points in mind, do you think there’s any reason for anyone to hate her? I don’t think so.

Also, every One Piece fan has a crazy theory of his own. About what is the world’s greatest treasure, how it will the series end, who will die, etc. Here’s another crazy theory which you might like also which might come true 😉

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What do you think about this theory? Do you have any other interesting theories? Please share it with us in the comments section.

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