One-Punch Man Season 3 | Know Release Date

One-Punch Man is a superhero franchise of Japan, which is created by ONE. Shueisha published the series on June 14, 2012. The directors of the series are Shingo Natsume and Chikara Sakurai.

The storyline of One-Punch Man

Earth’s most potent and destructive monsters have been creating chaos in the cities. Agoni, the man of wealth, creating a Hero Alliance in response to the villains.

An unassociated hero, Saitama precipitates from the Z city and carries out heroic deeds for his fun. He trained himself in the way that he can defeat any monster or enemy in his single punch.

One-Punch Man
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He becomes the advisor of a cyborg, Genos, he wants to take revenge from another cyborg who killed his family and also destroyed his town. They both join Hero Association, but Saitama is placed at a low-entry rank. Due to his low scoring, his ability remains unpopular in public.

The Hero Association called the top heroes for a meeting about Shibabawa’s vision. In her view, the whole world is in danger. Boros, an alien, enter the planet to fight with the heroes but, was defeated by Saitama.

At the end of the story, the battle was ended, and the heroes can’t give their best performance, which leads to the retirement of several heroes.

Release Date of Season 3

The new season of the Japanese series, One-Punch Man, is going to be released soon. There are no official details about the third season. The series has already published their two seasons till now, and the third one can be out at the end of 2020.

If we talk about the third season, the series was adopted by Japan. The fans are so excited for the third season!

One-Punch Man
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For the third season, fans might be able to see the suffering of Garo.

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