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Otherside Picnic Episode 1: Anime Review

Otherside Picnic: This week we get the season’s first anime scenes with Otherside Picnic episode 1. This anime practices the alternate worlds to different lengths connected to the whole spacetime progressing that we know. It is amongst the immigrants of the season, and it came early. Together with other animes like GekidolSuppose a Kid from Last Dungeon, and many more. The early statements of this season are something to look onward to. Even though most anime beginning for Winter 2021 idol base. And outnumber the Isekai genre. There is still a lot to look forward to.

Otherside Picnic Episode 1 Review

Similarly, We already had a glimpse of what the anime would be like from the previously released. And PV when the release date items were removed. But understanding it in distinct from the episode itself cause more understanding. The anime began like your usual Isekai build up. One of the figures appeared to be dying in what seems to be a pool of water on the ground. So understanding that they probably won’t make it. They start staring back at their life and anybody else who would worry if they are gone.

Otherside Picnic Episode 1

Moreover, Adding more to what would one consider that this would turn out into an Isekai. In this paragraph, where the main character dies, and they revive in the new world would be how Sorawo read about her life as she is about to break. But things quickly take a twist. She is in a world where she appreciates someone like her and pointed to her as a human. Which would make you wonder what kind of world she is currently in. It became clear at that point that wherever she was. And there were other extraterrestrials without for humans.

The Otherside Picnic World

Other Side Picnic

In conclusion, This anime is centered more on ghost stories and has a little horror and mystery. So if that is your kind of anime, then you should try this one out. The anime doesn’t have many characters as it revolves around the lives of Toriko and Sorawo in their Otherside adventures. So if you like following their experiences. And discovering out more about the Otherside, the upcoming episodes are something to have a look at.


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