Ura Sekai Picnic or Otherside Picnic is the latest story that’s coming to life after success in the readable medium. The massively popular Japanese novel series is getting its animation adaptation as a show. However, it’s not much of a surprise considering the rise of the popularity of the anime genre all over the globe.

Iori Miyazawa is the brain behind the Science Fiction Universe and the author for all the four volumes. Ever since the inception of the light novel in February 2017

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Otherside Picnic joins a long list of Novels that are getting an Anime reboot.

At the moment the novel series is all that we have got to go with. There’s a lot of talk about major plot tweaks specially for the show, different from the books. Confirmation the casting is now there to see in the open. Sorao Kamikoshi’s character in the series will be the face of voice actor Yumiri Hanamori. Ai Kayano is voicing Toriko Nishina and Rina Hidaka will be voicing Kozakura.

When will the first episode premiere for the awaiting fans?

The pilot episode of Otherside Picnic will premiere for people on January 4th, 2021. After the premiere, we will be getting new episodes every week.

Where can we catch the premiere of Otherside Picnic?

While the excitement goes all around the globe, the non-Japanese audience will have to wait. However, the local networks are all over the broadcast and 4 different ones are already known to the watchers. Following are the channels with official announcement & endorsement from AnimeNewsNetwork:-

  • Tokyo MX
  • Sun TV
  • BS 11
  • AT-X

For most of the global audience, the access to the show will be over the internet. Also, it’s most likely that the dubbed and subtitled versions will arrive on these platforms. Following are the avenues for the anime geeks:-

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