Otherside Picnic or Urasekai Picnic is the anime adaptation of the namesake Japanese novel-series. However, there’s often a big gap in the execution of the story in a visual mode, while keeping the essence of the books. While Iori Miyazawa is the mind behind the whole franchise, both the books and the anime show.

Content from the Science Fiction genre isn’t as rare as it once was. On the back of other shows, it won’t be a stretch to say that the sector is a bit overdone. Otherside Picnic show director Takuya Satō works well enough to transition the material from the novels into a dynamic show.

Otherside Picnic Media

[Kamikoshi Sorao and Nishina Toriko are two protagonists of the series.]

Recapping the season so far and Preview of Otherside Picnic Episode 3:-

In the previous episode, we see Kamikoshi Sorao and Nishina Toriko going to the other side. The two use salt and Sorao’s advice to defeat them, however, Nishin’s idea is to go there since they can make lots of money. Sorao realizes that they saw the monster three days back. She also understands that the shimmy urban legend is well known in general. They are said to be creatures that drive you crazy just by encountering them.

Nishin said that the researcher wants the mirror cubes that the wiggle-waggles drop. Sorao just can comprehend that they have to go to the other side for the third time. Afterward, both get on a train, and Saroa asks if Nishina is not ripping off that researcher. The business is paying the big bucks for some great business.

Both “Wiggle-Waggle Hunting” and “Surviving Lady Hasshaku” have worked wonders so far. However, it will only be upping the standards for all the upcoming chapters.

When and Where Will The Third Episode Of Otherside Picnic Be Premiering?

We’ll be getting the new episode on January 18th, 2021 following the weekly releases. AT-X and Tokyo MX are the official local broadcasters of the show in Japan. However, most of the audiences are ones sitting all around the world. Streaming giants like AnimeLab and Funimation will be stepping in and all episodes will be available.

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