Outlander season 5: another story from another time, Cast, Plot, Release, And prediction.

After a spine-chilling end at the end of last season, how will the story continue its journey? Here you will find all the latest known news.

Outlanders Season 5 launches:

The season will telecast in the United States from February 16, 2020, on Sunday, and on Amazon Prime Video in the United States on February 12, 2020, Monday.

What we expect:

The story will be based on The Fiery Cross, the fifth novel in Diana Gabaldon’s series. The cliffhanger ending from season 4, the time-traveling couples settled them in pre-revolutionary America. They received an order from Governor Tyron, to kill his godfather, Murtagh.
“Season five, we essentially pick up where we left them,” Richard Rankin, who plays Roger, told RadioTimes.com in an exclusive interview. “There’s a little passage of time, but a lot is going on for all of the characters, and there’s a lot of new relationships to be forged.”
As Claire knows all too well, the village will lead towards revolution and struggling elite class suffocating themselves from regulatory movements. Also, the show’s producer Tony Graffia has stated that the previous season was about ‘Home’, and the coming season, the fifth season, will be about ‘Family’. Now hundreds of questions will arise, she stated, “It’s a lot about the coming storm, I would say… this roughly follows the path of American history.”

About sneak peek:

Also, a teaser was released where we see Claire curing patients. And when Roger told us to go home in the 20th century, Brianna disagrees and says:” Our family is here”. Also, a sneak peek was released where we can see Jaime and Murtagh talking, which was a flashback from the time when Jaime was a young boy. And where we can see Jaime training his future son in law for weeding with his daughter.

The Major cast:

Caitriona Balfe as Claire Beauchamp Randall/Fraster, Sam Hugon as James “Jamie” MacKenzie Fraser, Sophie Skelton as the daughter of Brianna “Bree” Randall, Claire and Jamie and Richard Rankin as Roger, while Duncan Lacroix as Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser will also return.

About Series:

The season will consist of 12 episodes, it is shortest from which Starz has to offer, but sure it will be action-packed.

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