Outlander: Why It Wasn’t Worth An Emmys 2020 Nomination

Outlander by Starz is an epic historical with an amazing story and a period drama revered by many. The Emmy nomination this Tuesday overlooked the 6th season of the fantastic show for any nomination including best drama. There are many speculations as to why it wasn’t nominated. Starz network’s CEO Chris Albrecht took the stage at the Television Critics Association’s biannual convention. His exact words were:

Concerning Outlander “I don’t think we’ll ever breakthrough with those people. I was part of the team that invented how to campaign for Emmy Awards. Trust me, it’s not a level playing field. I spent years inside the TV Academy, working it. It took a lot of money, and there’s a certain momentum that goes along with that.” He said about the Emmy voters.

We all know Emmys are not exactly a leveled battleground but the question is does Outlander stand a chance even if the field was leveled? Well, Outlander has been out for a while and with critics, it stands as a pretty solid show. But there are so many such great shows now out there. So basically that argument is redundant if we were to consider Emmys as the recognition of the best of the best. But the other part of the argument is also true that, such a big show and no nomination at all? 

Still from “Outlander”
Courtesy: Starz Network

Outlander in the viewer’s eyes is a gem for sure but in the Emmy voter’s eyes, it’s just another period piece. With new dramas with different themes coming every year shows like Outlander are overlooked for their simplicity. I mean hell Game of Thrones was recognized because it had that fantasy angle with it, without it, it might have been thrown at the back of the line. 

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Outlander Season 6 Emmys Snub reason:

No one can deny Outlander is a great show but I guess for an Emmy you have to be a different more than great. Also, this year with so many black nominees which I think is simply a product of the Black Lives Matter movement, the focus of the Emmys shifted on shows that had major black characters (I wish the Wire was still airing, but that discussion was for some other day).

No matter what the academy says we love Outlander anyway. So let’s just show it the love it deserves even if the academy doesn’t. The Emmys will air on the 20th of September on ABC.

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