Pakistani Government’s silence on crimes against women shameful: Report

Pakistani: ReportOn Tuesday we all celebrated Women’s days. But what we women need is not a celebration but respect, equality, and love.

What’s Happening in Pakistan?

Pakistan: respects girls?
We are together. Source: thediplomat,com

But on women’s day, an editorial in The Dawn said that the silence that the Pakistani government is holding in the face of increasing aggression. And crime against women is shameful.

‘Aural March’, a women’s march is facing radical Islamist organizations. The editorial spoke that it is very clear that there is no tolerance for women. Collectively demanding their rights in such a clear, visible, and inclusive way! However, even when they do so entirely peacefully.

What do Pakistani Political Parties have to say?

Pakistani girls on road.
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However, the opposition of Pakistan raised its voice for the Aurat March, a women’s rights movement in Pakistan. They said that it’s something against the norms of Islam and society. This was after when parties like this Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F) and the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) are opposing the ‘Aurat March.’

The editorial showed it all by attacking the hypocrisy of Imran Khan’s PTI which also criticized the regressive elements of the society while not in power.

“Clearly, the women were useful for political point-scoring at the time; otherwise, regressive elements can incite violence against them at will and face no consequences,” the editorial said.

Continuing the editorial also talked about the misogynistic heart of Pakistani society, this stated that despite all the ‘pro-women’ laws that have been enacted over the few years. However, Their rights in actual practice remain circumscribed by narrow mindsets and hidebound tradition.” Notably, since the Imran Khan government came to power in August 2018, Pakistan’s Global Gender Gap Index has worsened over time. In 2017, Pakistan ranked 143, slipping to 148 in 2018.

We can fight.
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What is there according to the global records?

‘Global Gender Gap Report 2021,’ the report of last year ranked Pakistan ranked 153 out of 156 countries on the gender parity index.
After Imran Khan came to power the country become more conservative since then. However, other parties have gained more popularity in the past three years across the country like Jamaat-e-Islami, TLP. Nevertheless, spreading the harsh version of Islam, epically targeting minorities and women.

There is a lot of fear amongst the Pakistani women due to the Taliban’s forceful takeover of Afghanistan last year. However, there is an increase in violence against Sharia Law.

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