What if you live a particular day every day? Everything happens the same in the form of time-loop! Palm Springs is a film on this concept only. This film beautifully tells us that our existence only matters because of other people in it.

Here we have this excellent movie’s ending explained. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Plot Summary of Palm Springs

The movie revolves around Sarah and Nyles. Sarah slept with her sister’s fiancée, the night before their wedding. At the reception, Sarah got drunk and didn’t prepare the maid-of-honour speech. But Nyles delivers a beautiful speech on her behalf.

Both of them start to bond after discovering that Nyles’ girlfriend is cheating on him. When the duo was about to have sex in the desert, a man Roy shot Nyles on his shoulder. Injured Nyles enters cave followed by Roy and then Sarah.

The next day when Sarah wakes up, she realizes that it is again November 9. When she confronts Nyles, she realizes that both of them are stuck in a time loop. Sarah tried many ways to escape through it like traveling back to her home or by attempting suicide, but everything was in vain. The story moves forward with Nyles realizing he’s in love with Sarah. She also discovered a way out of this loop after reading a lot about quantum physics.


Sarah and Nyles got stuck in a time loop and are now searching for a way out.

Were They Able to Escape the Time Loop?

After Sarah discovers the escape plan from the time loop, she tells Nyles about this. They can escape the time loop up by blowing themselves up in the cave before they restart the day. Nyles tells Sarah that he loves her and wants to stay in the time loop forever with her. To this, Sarah didn’t agree.

On that last day, she gave an overwhelming speech at her sister’s wedding and later went to the caves with explosives. Nyles also joined Sarah and said that he’d rather die with her than remain in the loop alone. Sarah also confesses her feelings and presses the detonator while kissing each other. The next day, the duo was again in the pool, and eventually, the house owner shows up. This means that Sarah’ plan worked and they’ve escaped the time loop.

At the end, we can say that this rom-com is a must-watch. You can stream Palm Springs only on Hulu.