Palm Springs: Know The Ending Better

Palm Springs‘ is an American romantic comedy film written by Andy Siara. Its the directorial debut of Max Barbakow. Unlike other Rom-coms, this movie has a whole new time loop factor added to it. Read along to discover predictions about its ambiguous ending. Spoilers Ahead!

Palm Springs: Synopsis

The leads of this movie are Nyles (played by Andy Samberg) and Sarah (played by Criston Milioti). For many days in a row, both of them happen to wake up on November 9. Everyday both of them experience different sets of emotions and conditions in their time loop. Finally, Sarah comes up with a solution of blowing themselves up in the cave at a particular time.

Nyles and Sarah inside Cave
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According to her, by doing this there is a possibility to get their normal life back into existence. Nyles is reluctant about this idea at first, as he could not bear the other consequences of the idea. If they mess this up, there was a probability that they eventually die, or go ahead in time for 20 more years. But as Nyles loved Sarah he decides to accompany her and execute the plan.

The Ending Explained

The ending scene shows Nyles and Sarah together chilling out in a pool. Firstly, it could be concluded that they were successful in carrying out the explosion at the right time. Hence, they got rid of the mundane time loop and they lived happily together.

Palm Springs Ending Scene
Source: Herald Planet

In addition to that, there was a scene showing the dinosaurs in the frame. It is quite strange to have an ancient animal pictured in the modern world. If we assume they made out of the time loop and are back to their normal lives on November 10, it’s very unusual. Maybe it’s just the dinosaurs trapped in their own time loop? Maybe they are shown metaphorically as people tend to see something bigger than yourself when you’re with someone you love.

The mid-credits scene with Roy at the bar again provides a bit of closure. Roy approaches Nyles and has a conversation about what happened in the time loop. Nyles is unaware of that thing and confesses that he has never met Roy before. Thus, Roy smiles releasing Nyles has exited the time loop!

So, overall, there can be many interpretations and assumptions about the ending of Palm Springs. The director and the writer have deliberately made it ambivalent for the audience to have their own perceptions about it.

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