Paul Wesley is on-board for James T Kirk for season 2 of ‘Star Trek

Paul Wesley: Hello to all the vampire dairy fans, here is something about your favorite vampire of the show! Many people may disagree because the demon is their favorite vampire. Yet again but its battle is kind of going since forever and will go forever, maybe.

Did you miss him.
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The fans love for him

The actor is loved for the emotional and devil mixture he had in the show, his acting skills are always complimented. He has not only worked in series but also in films. Almost fourteen movies and tweety seven television films and series.

And the battle of which brother is better in Vampire Dairies is maybe like forever but the bond and the friendship two share off the screen are remarkable. They have a brother-like bond, laughter, jokes, and whatnot! It’s fun to watch them together.

Upcoming projects of Paul Wesley

Now coming to Paul Wesley, a Hollywood actor, has been on the cast list of the upcoming second season of your favorite show ‘Star Trek.’ The role is iconic of James T. Kirk for the coming season.

Paul Wesley: We all miss vampire dairies.
However, he is handsome. source:

According to Variety, the first season of the show suppose to be premiered on 5th May on Paramount Plus. However, the second season of the show was announced in January, also with the season already under production.

The story in ‘Star Trek: Strange New World is of Captain Christopher Pike prior to Kirk becoming the captain of the Enterprise.

In a live-action project, Wesley is the third actor to play Kirk, also he will be appearing as the young version of the character.

Paul Wesley: is come!
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William Shatner played the role of Kirk in the original ‘Star Trek’ previously as well as in many films. Not only him if we follow the trackback then Chris Pine also played the role of Kirk in three ‘Star Trek’ films to date. Having the fourth one on the way.

Also as per variety ‘ Stranger New Worlds’ cast Id Captain Pike by Ansotegi Mount, Spock by Ethan Peck. Una Chin-Riley by Rebecca Romijn

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