Penny Dreadful: What Led To The Cancellation?

The biggest twist in the horror drama, Penny Dreadful, was dropped during the finale of the third season of the series, The Blessed Dark. We learned to much dismay and surprise that the thriller series was going to end, and this abrupt finale was the last episode of it.

While the show is still having the last rites of it read, let’s learn further about the reason why it had to end. Also, we would like to inform you that this article may contain spoilers, so if you’re ready to spoil the fun for yourself a little, please proceed! :p

Penny Dreadful
Image Source – Netflix

What led to the cancellation of Penny Dreadful?

Like almost all of the TV cancellations, Money was considered the main factor behind the removal of the Penny Dreadful. Among other things that we will explore, ratings are one of them, and the ratings for this show were not really justifying the costs of its production. This thing has happened with plenty of other favorite shows of fans, which include Hannibal, Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse, Almost Human, and Constantine.

Despite even featuring the likes of Dr. Jekyll, Dracula, Dorian Gray, Frankenstein, and other public domain characters, the cost of bringing this squad to the screen was much higher as compared to what it was reeling in.

Penny Dreadful
Image Source – Netflix

The viewership of the show was another reason behind the cancellation of the show, as the viewership dropped over five percent as compared to the last year. Out of the ten other series that were filmed by Showtime for the year, this season was only the sixth-highest-rated show. Even though the Masters of Sex has got less viewers than that of Penny Dreadful, but it is more of a contemporary setting, and the absence of special effects mean that the cost of production is also less.

Only about 578,000 people watched the finale of the series, and the cult following of Penny Dreadful was just not enough to keep the show going.

What else led to the cancellation of the series?

With the cancellation of the show, the Showtime has not got some free money, and all the money that was required to make the elaborated victorian sets and special effects will be used somewhere else. Dexter, the long-awaited series.

Penny Dreadful is at its core, a tale about Vanessa Ives of Eva Greens, despite of the many interesting characters in the show. It ended with Vanessa finally finding the peace she always wanted.

Also, the creator of the show, John Logan, planned the end of the series in the same way that it ended. The end of the character Vanessa Ives marks the end of the show, as Ives was the main focus of the show.

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